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The world sexiest woman alive: Scarlett Johansson

Last year was her colleague and friend Mila Kunis, 30, who won the title of the sexiest woman alive according to the magazine ' Esquire'. But this year the title goes back again to the attractive young Scarlett Johansson who wins the title of the sexiest woman in the world. At least that is the opinion of the readers of New York men’s magazine "Esquire". The men's magazine that is published in New York proclaimed the American actress 28 years to be the "Sexiest Woman Alive ". This is the second time the actress wins this privilege, a title she already won in 2006. Last year it was her colleague Mila Kunis (30) who won the title. The first to receive the title however it was Angelina Jolie (38) in 2004 . Johansson, who has a very busy life between her working in the film industry and her flirtations with music, now enjoying a month's vacation at home: "It's a luxury to be home ," the actress told the magazine. With so much work and activities, the time becomes very precious to me" said the actress to the magazine. The actress of "Lost in Translation" said this month it only aspires to sleep a lot and to read in peace. "I've noticed how great it is to read for hours without doing anything else."

However, the actress admits that she liked posing for pictures of "Sexiest Woman Alive".  I’m A 28 years in the movie business. Soon, all the papers I will be offered will be of a mother or worst they stop calling me. Last month, Johansson presented at the Venice Film Festival her latest work, "Under the Skin" by Jonathan Glazer. At the same time she announced her commitment to the French Romain Dauriac. For now we still do not know the wedding date, for the young artist this will be her second marriage as she already been married between 2008 and 2011 with the Canadian actor Ryan Reynolds.

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