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Winter trends in Corporate wear

Winters don’t mean the death of fashion. Winters give you an opportunity to get adventurous with your fashion statements. It is time to take out old blazers from your closets and work out what’s best for you. The fashion trend forecast for this season says the following:

For Him

Short-collared shirts

The latest trend doing the rounds for men is Formal shirts with short collars. It gives you a sharp office look. These are a lot more functional than other collar lengths and are bound to stay popular over the next few seasons. You can try out short collar on white or pastel shirts and team it up with your business suit. Also know more about Tips on office styling here.

Three-piece suits

Bring in more class to your fashion by adding a bit of vintage three-piece in the mix. The classic cuts add a whole lot of elegance to your looks. The waistcoat should be made from the same fabric as the jacket and trouser and fit you perfectly. Slim ties

Broad ties are the thing of yesterday. Slim ties are the new in thing. Embellish your tie rack with a collection of slim ties in different colours and designs. It is a mandatory to have a white one as well as a black. You can also keep ties in various other colours to mix and match with different suits.

Textured & matt fabrics

You cannot go to work like you are going for a party. Therefore, it is best to keep metallic and shinier fabrics out of your corporate wear wardrobe. The latest trend favours a matt, dull look especially in jackets, trousers and three-piece suits. Soft fabrics and luxury wool blends are the flavour this season. While in textures strong and small prints of tartan or multi-coloured checks is the in thing.

Double breasted jackets

These keep going in and out of fashion trends. These heavily buttoned jackets can make one look broad and boxy. It is especially ideal for you if you are tall and slim.

Short overcoats

Investing in a good quality overcoat can come handy in more than one way. Not only will it look fantastic, but it will also protect you from the harsh cold winds. When it comes to colour, it is wiser to go with neutral tones.

For Her


Shirts are out, blouses in! With this new fashion trend for women, you can now go to work wearing blouses and tops, instead of the formal or casual shirts. Black, grey, beige and brown are seasons strong colours. You can also use primary colours aside for spring / summer. Wool wrap around Short and medium length block coloured scarves are the latest in thing. You can choose from a variety of colours and styles.

Knee-length skirts

Both long skirts, as well as short skirts, are out. The latest trend will have you wear the perfect knee length skirts to work. Black, grey and navy blue are the dominating colours this season. Structured short jacketsShort jackets never went out of fashion. It is designed to look and make you feel chic. You can team that up the jackets with skirts or trousers.

Fitted sleeveless dressesAs women, having a one-piece structured dress in your closet is a must. They are not only comfortable, but they also look chic. Elements include three-fourths sleeves (or shorter) and a straight or defined silhouette. Short pencil heelsHeels never go out of fashion, and it is true. Team up your heels with any item of clothing from your closet and see it bring out your elegant side effortlessly. So what’s more? unlike stilettos, they are highly comfortable.


Online shopping has made it very possible to get all the fashion we require at the tip of our fingers. Online shopping offers both men and women a variety of choice. From ethnic wear to fashionable dresses for young girls. From sophisticated dresses for women to women’s and men’s clothing all in the comfort of their homes. So, it makes sense to make the best of this and stay a front in the world of fashion. Also Read more: Styling tricks to spiff up your winter look!

To sum it all up:

For many people winters go synonymously with death of fashion. Latest trends in corporate fashion, this winters, prove otherwise. Men have a number of choices with short collared shirts, from slim ties to double breasted jackets. From three piece suits to short overcoats. For women, it is fancy scarves and stoles, knee length skirts, structured dresses, short pencil heels and blouses. With all these options, there is no way why you should not hit your office in style.

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