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Which country has the highest income tax rate?

Have you ever asked yourself which country has the highest income tax rate? what percentage of your salary is devoted to tax? How many euros for your efforts end up in government coffers? or how much taxed do you pay compared to the rest of the world? 

The web Movehub have made a comparison of the highest income tax rates using their comparative tools to list all countries different median wages and taxes, and presented the result in an info graphic in which you can see the tax burden on an average wage compared globally.

According to the data Belgium,. Greenland and Norway are among the countries that has the highest income tax rates in the world. In addition, compared with the rest of the European countries that share 25% or more of income taxation, Surprisingly Spain is also among the countries with an high taxation but got one of the lowest average wages. 

The ten countries with the highest income tax rate: 

  • Belgium (43.3%)
  • Greenland (42%)
  • Norway (37%)
  • The Netherlands (36.16%)
  • Cyprus (31.37%)
  • Denmark (31.12%)
  • Tuvalu (30%)
  • Sweden (29.37%)
  • Luxembourg (28.62%)
  • France (27%)

It is important to clarify that income taxes are not the only tax burden on the citizens of each country and in this info graphic does not take into account the redistribution of state revenue. 

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