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WhatsApp Web now available

WhatsApp Web is now finally available allowing all users to access their conversations from a browser on any device.

WhatsApp Web has been officially released, allowing its 700 million users access to conversations, contacts and groups from any device with a browser. Finally, WhatsApp is now not 100% mobile, and enabled one of the most anticipated features for many users worldwide.

At launch, WhatsApp Web can be enabled for users who have installed the latest version of Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry or BlackBerry 10. At the moment there is no support for iOS, as we have proved, but we assume this will change in the upcoming hours or days with the latest version of the operating system, it is necessary to scan a QR code that synchronizes the mobile platform with the web version, and so you will be able to use you your mobile functions on other devices, for example, your computer or tablet.

So far, one of the most popular features that makes Telegram is precisely that of providing a version for web and desktop applications that are synchronized in a spectacular way, like almost any other messaging client had achieved. But let's face it, WhatsApp with its 700 million active users is the largest messaging platform today, and it's hard to be defeated by another rival, now less, it has finally begun to provide upgrades giving their users what they want.

We look forward to updating mobile to finally be able to start talking and ignoring annoying chain of direct messages appearing in the browser of our PC or Mac, without touching the phone. Yes, but by limitations of Apple, iPhone users can not use WhatsApp Web temporarily, but hopefully very soon this option with also be enable for Apple users

WhatsApp Web available for Google Chrome only

If you intend to use WhatsApp Web in Safari or Internet Explorer, well! bad news, WhatsApp Web only works in Google Chrome. It is not clear why, I doubt they have some agreement with Google, but the picture accompanying this text is displayed if you try to access the service from any browser.

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