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Wars of the future: US between quantity or quality

The world is not the same anymore, neither are today’s or the future wars. While technology is indeed known as an important factor in any war, it is not always a fact in the battlefield, which is why the US military need to re-think their future strategies, says Colonel Thomas X. Hammes.

"If an armed soldier with a gun of six shots faces tribesmen with spears, he would be in serious trouble if faces more than six tribesmen at ones. If he is able to carry a weapon of more than 6 shots or a machine gun, then the soldier would have a clear advantage. The problem arises when the number of tribesmen exceeds the number of weapons and cartridges that the soldier can afford ".

With this analogy, Colonel Hammes, retired Navy officer and specialist in counterinsurgency war, tries to explain his theory about the disadvantage of costly and sophisticated weapons against the practical weapon of mass production. 'The Diplomat' said.

In the diverse environment in which wars are fought, explains Hammes, the very capable F-22 Raptor would face the same problem if it would have to fight 10 older jets simultaneously. The F-22 will simply run out of ammunition. Despite having ability to escape, the Raptor would be tactically defeated by a large number of much cheaper aircraft, said the colonel.

"Unfortunately, it is too costly to acquire it in sufficient quantities to overcome this deficiency," he says.

"Today, major improvements in the field of robotics, artificial intelligence, biology and nanomaterials are changing the calculation of cost / benefit in favor of 'small, elegant and inexpensive' versus ' slight and exquisite but very expensive ' "the former commander quote. 

There are indeed a choice the US need make to affront the future wars in our planet.  Russia, China, India, Iran and many other countries are growing and improving their military power and technology. The choices the US make today could be game changer in the future wars.

Are we part of a multiverse?

Are we part of a multiverse?

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