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Visca Catalunya Lliure

The catalans have never been closer to the independence before, with flags, posters and graffiti with Visca Catalunya Lliure wherever you go. In fact the Catalan government have gone so far as to decide the referendum day. The 9 of november 2014 is the day when the catalans will vote for or against the referendum. According to the catalans, 54% of the population would vote for the independence today, a figure that Madrid see with great fear  and is doing everything on its power to call off this democratic event. Every year massive demonstrations take place on the 11th of September (Day of La Diada), organized by the Catalan National Assembly (ANC) with over 1.5 million participants in Barcelona, the same organization has again proven its ability to mobilize the citizenry with an impressive human chain that went from one end of Catalonia to the other, some 400 kilometers, and linked up with Valencia in the South and Northern Catalonia to the north. Although the demonstration was covered by many international media outlets last year, this year the Catalan Way was designed to call attention to and amplify the demands for independence throughout the world. And it did so in spades, even before the hundreds of thousands of participants began to join hands at 17:14 (5:14pm local time). Over the last few days, in fact, many news outlets have talked about the Catalan Way, and the coverage only got stronger throughout the morning. The spectacular success of the human chain placed the Catalan Way on many front pages by midday, as was the case of the Wall Street Journal and Aljazeera, and The Guardian asked its readers for photographs and videos of the impressive mobilization.

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Visca Catalunya Lliure, Never change a winning game

The members of the Asemblea Nacional Catalana (ANC) must have been thinking. On August 23, 1989, the Baltic states organized a 600 kilometer long human chain towards independence. Not long after, the sovereign states of Lithuania (1990), Latvia, and Estonia (both 1991) were a fact. Really only one day can be taken into consideration for such a ‘Via Catalana’: la Diada, the National Day of Catalonia on September 11, the day the Catalan troops were defeated by the army of Philip V of Spain, almost three hundred years ago. Since that day in 1714 Catalonia is not a state anymore but, according to nationalists, just a nation – and also that is denied by Madrid, backed by the Spanish Constitutional Court.

All people were born to be free

With love the Catalans expressed their voice to the world (In the picture a couple draped with Catalonian national flags kiss in Barcelona - AP Photo: Paco Resinelli). Given that all people live in society , the desire for individual freedom also becomes a right to collective freedom.

Hence the whole community recognized as such, as a group, as a people , as a nation, and of course, as a class, have the inalienable right to decide their future.

As expected this September 11th the people of Catalonia will again take the streets to demand something that is obvious and logical : the right to be free to decide as a people on all aspects of our future .

This September 11th we are faced with multiple calls to the streets to demand the right to decide

In this regard, we recall that the CGT anarchist union does not just want to be able to choose if it’s Catalan or Spanish leaders who increase massive layoffs and social cuts. We don’t just want the right to decide if it’s Brussels , Madrid or Barcelona who will govern us by decree.

The CGT does not want an independent Catalonia that continues like now , where there are 873,000 people unemployed , with 50% of young people unemployed and forced to emigrate to find work , with tens of thousands of malnourished children. We do not want a country where every day working conditions are cut even more, where Rights achieved through many years of struggle are removed by Decree, while the Public Administration continues transferring thousands of millions of euros to support the banks and pay debt interest .

Permanent Secretariat of the CGT Catalonia

We reject that dissent is being repressed, while police abuse is concealed, as well as abuse in prisons , and the impunity of the powerful is reinforced, extending and endlessly delaying Corruption Court cases such as Palau, Camarga, Noos, Ferrovial, Pretòria, Mercuri, etc. .

From CGT Catalonia we demand these Rights, as part of a process of personal and social emancipation, which, as well as guaranteeing us self-determination and self-management in all areas of life, should generate a culture and pattern of  behavior where all aspects of our lives are decided in common .

We demand the  right to self-determination and self-management , collective and individual and without conditions or threats , a real and unlimited right to decide . We want to be able to decide our future and constantly practice self- determination in our lives. We want the right to decide our own economic, political, social and personal models.

We must be allowed to decide in what language we speak and express ourselves, but also allowed to decide what we want as an economic model . One that allows us to decide to rescue people, not banks, the ability to the prioritise the right of access and use of empty property above housing speculation. Rights that allow us to go beyond just another State as we know them, beyond our routine of elections every four years , beyond the show of political professionals, either based in Brussels, Madrid and Barcelona, where most of them do practically nothing .

We want to decide on the right to decent housing for quality, universal Public Services.

We need to be able to decide on the model of production and employment relations, on the systems of production of wealth and its distribution. Deciding is also about rights to choose over our own bodies, on the type of food free of  GMOs, on our leisure, cultural policy and more social rights.

For all these reasons , many of us, female and male, will taken to the streets this September 11th. We will demonstrate in different ways and places, but sharing a common will.

The Right to self-determination that we demand, as part of the Catalan people, is not just the fact of deciding what relationship we have with the Spanish State. It’s more than that. We’re facing towards building a free future of solidarity and without capitalist exploitation or oppression of any state.

  • "We were born to be free , and we want to be" - Permanent Secretariat of the CGT Catalonia for September 11 , 2013.

Spanish way of answer

The protest in Catalonia was peaceful, but a small group of Spanish fascists in Madrid stormed their way into the office of the Catalan government's delegation building in the capital.

Television images showed about 10 men with Spanish fascist flags shouting, pushing people, knocking over furniture and hitting a journalist's TV camera. They yelled "Catalonia is Spain!" and quickly left, but reportedly opened a tear gas container, forcing the 100 or so people gathered there to evacuate.

Francisco Franco

The history does not help Spain against the peaceful people of Catalunya. During Francisco Franco's fascist dictatorship from 1939-1975, the Catalan language was banned in schools, publishing and from public use.

Despite sharing many cultural traits with the rest of Spain, many Catalans claim a deep cultural difference based on their language, which is spoken side-by-side with Spanish in the wealthy region.

Artur Mas

Catalonia's regional leader Artur Mas has promised to hold a referendum on independence in 2014 (9/11/2014), but the Madrid-based government has said that such a vote would be unconstitutional.

Artur Mas, as Luther King: "The XXI century will be the century in which Catalonia will recover its freedom".

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