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Top 10 Female Sexual Fantasies

All men wondered at one time or another which was the fantasies that could fill their wives or girlfriends, isn’t it? Well imagine that we, the team of MBC Times, conducted a survey of the top 10 female fantasies.
In nature or in public places, in a trio or just with a woman, what do our fantasies hide? Here's something interesting to fill the curiosity of some.

10) Fantasize about the husband of another woman...

You meet unexpectedly a mature man in the elevator, you are violently attracted to him, and it only takes one look at his ring to realize that he is married. Yet you continue to desire him. What to do? Well, seduce him and put him in your bed, succumbing to your desires.
Not only he’s manly and much older than you, but the fact of taking the risk of being with a married man makes him far more attractive!

9) They pay to see you naked...

A man offers money to look at you naked or to do something a bit further than that. Despite your shame, you agree... Scholars do not all agree on the origin of exhibition fantasy, widely represented in women. Is it the effect of a package which, since childhood, puts the girls' bodies under the eyes? Is it a way to exert power over men and, in the case of fantasy, to give confidence (I excite a man, therefore I exist)? In the version presented in our investigation, money helps to give a "value"... and to exonerate guilt while taking pleasure, as it is almost a "job".)

8) And why not in a swingers club ...

Your husband takes you on a beautiful day in a swingers club... Finally, it is one of the most feasible fantasies, all major cities have their swingers club, sometimes discreet but often storefront ! We see a way to "cheat while remaining faithful" or, more simply, "a love game that reinforces complicity". You can also see, paradoxically, a fantasy of jealous that treat evil with evil, preferring to "control" the gaps of the other. It is also (why deny it?) a way to access other men and women with the blessing of the significant others.

7) Exhibitionism, the dream role game for any woman 

Dressing sexy outdoor and revealing a litle bit too much while getting all the attention and later making love on a beach, a forest, with the fear of being surprised at any moment. Making love in an unusual place, the risk of getting caught and thwart the rules of society. Nothing better than that to feel adrenaline climbs while we are in the arms of our man.

6) And what about threesome?

Two men around you, while you’re blindfold, caressing you very gently... You’re not allowed to touch or see them. Your pleasure is a torture. You do not want this to be happening, it's not your fault, you are attached, you can not escape and plus they are two! A selfish pleasure, because in this scenario you receive without giving anything.

5) Every woman in her heart hides a “Bi" side...

You’re seduced by a woman and make love with her. In this fantasy scenario, you have not tried anything: A woman seduced you. An idea more acceptable than active homosexuality. According to some experts, women are all more or less bisexual, that is to say, attracted to both sexes. With time, experience, and sometimes disappointments, women are less resistant, at least in thought, to the possibility of exploring other sensual tracks...

4) The famous cinema...

There's dark, everyone is riveted on his film, and you’re bubbling from desire for your partner. He feels you squirm, and this is where it all shakes. Preliminaries that never end, always with the fear of being caught, and finally we remove our film to finish our evening screaming like a wild beast! The cinema screen becomes in this fantasy a place of sexuality not only assumed, but also not afraid to be shown. Some specialized rooms also have institutionalized this fantasy so it becomes "tolerated". Being excited by the presence of others, even if they’re silent, even if they’re invisible… Does it not express a more hidden desire to have relationships with others?

3) Dirty words, and spanking...

The lamb who shares your life gets angry one day for a stupidity and you are given a spanking... A regressive fantasy (whipped up by the excellence in the field of childhood), provides an opportunity for Dr. Blmachère to remind that most erotic fantasies are rooted in childhood and adolescence. Sensual experiences, scenes saw or experienced, perhaps even traumatic at the time (humiliation, shame ...) can be transformed in later years, and under certain conditions, in erotic scenarios. Spanking is one of them.

2) Mmmmm military uniforms ...

Policeman, fire fighter... Sometimes you imagine yourself at fault or danger. Taking advantage of your weakness, the representative of the order then abuses you. The men in uniform are our imaginary authority, strength, protection. All that flirts with a strong father figure. As it is obviously an unthinkable desire to submit to our own father, or even one of its symbolic representations, we prefer to put it in the lower skin of a little helpless girl. Since you are forced, what happens is not your fault, you're not in charge. It is a so much more acceptable way. Being at fault, and redeem oneself, always with the idea of being dominated by force and violence ensuing.

1) Dominatrix , fantasy par excellence.

There is no reason, after all, to not be an intractable mistress! A Miss Domina in red corset and heels is still awfully tempting? Especially if the object of our punishment is to be our villain boss, the one who always has something against us. It is clear, however, that when changing the wheel of the car or down the trash, you become again the little thing in defence of the couple. But in the meantime, gentlemen, knee and kiss our feet. Faster than that. Ahhhh... yes, that’s it.

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