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Top 10 best iOS 7 Apps for Iphone 2014 - 2015

From the release of Apple's iOS 8 we have been experiencing some major change in the company's mobile operating system. iOS 8 comes with big updates to apps you use every day, like Messages and Photos. A whole new way to share content with your family. And exciting new connections between apps and between devices. All that and more make iOS 8 the biggest iOS release ever.. The skeumorphic look is out, replaced with a flatter aesthetic and pastel-hued surfaces. The modern visual design has been accompanied with technical improvements, such as a one-swipe Control Center, refinements to multitasking, and the new AirDrop data transfer system. As the new OS spreads, developers are busy releasing apps in line with iOS 8's design and new features. Check out 15 of our favorite releases so far.


Facebook app improved it interface for iOS8. Notably, the navigation tab bar for accessing friend requests, messages, and updates has been moved to the bottom of the screen, while the slide-out menu has been eliminated. Messaging conversations also show up in nice, round icons showing the avatars of people involved.


The music indentifier app Shazam sports a new look to fit the iOS aesthetic, trading in the black menu bar for the new white, bottom-of-the-screen variety. New features include a reminder of the last track you shazamed, as well as improvements to social sharing features, allowing you to tag friends and locations, as well as add comments when sharing within the app to Facebook. If you hear a song and don't know what it is (or for the life of you, can't remember who sings it)—Shazam to the rescue! Launch Shazam and hold it as close as you can to the speakers, then let her rip. Within a few seconds, the app will tell you the title, artist, and sometimes even find the album art, too. Shazam is a whiz with most radio-play songs, new and old, originals and covers, but it occasionally gets stumped by obscure b-sides.

Once you Shazam music, you can easily:

  • Preview and buy tracks on Amazon or Google Play
  • Sing along to the beat with real time lyrics
  • Share your discoveries on any social network
  • Watch music videos on YouTube
  • Share your discoveries on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Google+ and Pinterest
  • Listen to full tracks with Rdio, Spotify or Deezer
  • Connect to Rdio to create a playlist of your Shazamed tracks, or add tracks to any Rdio playlist
  • See song recommendations from others like you

You can also use Shazam with TV:

  • Shazam your favorite TV shows for the cast, soundtracks, and more
  • Shazam ads to watch again, share with friends, or get special offers

Adobe Photoshop Express

Digital photography editing has, until recently, been a task best suited for desktop and laptop computers, but Adobe proved that it could be done in the mobile space with Photoshop Express, a free photo-editing application for the iPhone and other iOS devices. Photoshop Express is a powerhouse of a mobile app  and can even handle noise reduction (getting rid of those extraneous particles that show up on photos). All in all, Adobe Photoshop Express is a solid tool for making light photo edits on your iPhone.


List-making and task-management app Any.do has a unique feature called the Any.do moment, which encourages making a habit of reviewing your daily tasks. This sophisticated app includes time and date reminders, as well as geolocation reminders, which work surprisingly well. Overall, Any.do is great iPhone app for jotting down tasks and goals, and keeping yourself committed to doing them.


The iPhone app Cloze collects tweets, emails, Facebook posts, and other bits of communication from your contacts and prioritizes them based on people who are most relevant to you. In other words, if my colleague tweets three times, posts on Facebook twice, and shares an article on LinkedIn all in a single day, I can see all that activity in one shot in Cloze. It's a wonderful tool for getting relevant information about people in your network.


Feedly Flipboard curates content from your social networks and websites you like, from magazines to blogs, and turns them into stunning magazine-like digital pages. Flipboard absolutely shines on the iPad, where it first debuted because it takes full advantage of all the possible swiping gestures with both visual and interactive grace. On the smaller iPhone, it's still quite elegant.

GAIN Fitness

The iPhone app GAIN Fitness acts as a total workout buddy, coaching you through a fully customized exercise routine as often (or seldom) as you want. The free app comes preloaded with a variety of exercises for a complete body workout, and it's more than enough to keep you from getting bored week after week. Optional in-app purchases can add special workouts, like yoga.


Evernote is the modern workspace that helps you be your most productive self. You’re on the path to something big — Evernote is where you do the work to achieve it.

  • Write notes of all types, from short lists to lengthy research, and access them on any device.
  • Collect web articles, handwritten notes, and photos to keep all the details in one place.
  • Find your work quickly with Evernote’s powerful search.
  • Present your work as it takes shape for better collaboration in meetings.

Move projects forward with Evernote:

  • Take notes: write in a clean, distraction-free workspace.
  • Get organized: create notebooks and add tags to wrangle projects.
  • Access anywhere: keep your work in sync across devices.
  • Find anything fast: text in notes, photos, and PDFs is searchable.
  • Share ideas and resources: create a workspace for collaboration with shared notebooks.
  • Keep up with to-do’s: make to-do lists and check items off as you go.
  • Harness creativity: capture ideas while they’re fresh, wherever you are.
  • Prepare for meetings: draft agendas and to-do’s for next time.
  • Manage expenses: organize receipts, bills, and invoices to keep expense reports in check.
  • Plan business travel: save reservations and tickets for simple trip planning.
  • Make connections: turn business cards into rich digital contacts.

Accomplish even more with Evernote Premium:

  • Take notebooks offline to access them anytime
  • Annotate PDFs and notes to focus attention on key points
  • Create rich contacts from photos of business cards
  • Present your work on a big screen in a single tap with AirPlay
  • Lock the app when not in use and unlock with Touch ID or a passcode
  • Rediscover content from your account in the related notes section

Evernote is available for all your computers, phones, tablets, and on the web! Find your notes anywhere you’ve installed the app.


Routie is a simple, fast & beautiful way to track and share all your fitness activities. It uses GPS in your iPhone to track your runs, walks, bike rides, kayaking trips and more. Here are some of the more interesting features that Routie offers:

  • Interactive graphs - Explore beautiful graphs of speed and altitude for each of your tracks.
  • Take Photos - With Routie or iPhone camera and have them added to the track.
  • Statistics - View total distance, duration and route count for each of your activity. For last month, last year or All time.
  • Live metrics - During tracking, you can view current speed, current altitude, distance so far, average speed, total time and more.
  • File export - Easily export to GPX, KML or KMZ and use your data with other services
  • Open Street Maps - Apart from Apple maps, you can view your tracks on Street, Cycle or MapQuest maps.
  • Track properties - You can optionally set track name, activity and notes. You can also add placemarks to map as notes, and set captions to your photos.
  • 1 tap sharing - Share to Facebook and Twitter with just one button tap. No typing required.
  • Auto pause - Tracking session is paused automatically when you stop moving.
  • Pebble support - Control tracking and view current metrics like speed, altitude and distance; on your wrist!
  • Info in badge - View tracking activity, current speed or distance on Routie icon, right from your home screen.
  • Universal tracking - While supporting wide variety of fitness activities, Routie is also great for tracking your travels. It’s a fitness and travel diary in one place.
  • All the tracking data - For each of your tracks, you can view: start time, end time, distance, duration, time moving, time paused, average speed, max speed, max & min altitude and climb.
  • Resume tracking - In case Routie is accidentally closed, you can restore the tracking session upon next launch. This means that you won’t loose your tracking data ever again.

DataMan Next

DataMan Next : Your weapon against overage. In just a glance DataMan tells you if you’re safe from busting your data cap. Never worry about overage again.

* New Widget * Designed for iOS 8, DataMan Widget lets you quickly check your usage from any screen using the Notification Center.

Beautiful design. Simply gives the key statistics you need most in an incredibly clean interface. It’s so easy to track your data usage.

Smart Forecast. The advanced Forecast predicts if you’ll stay within your data cap. And tells you in brilliant colors.

Real-time tracking. Your latest statistics are retrieved directly and immediately from iOS. No more waiting for your carrier to update.

Additional features include:

  • Track cellular (LTE/4G/3G) and Wi-Fi
  • Support monthly, 30 days, weekly plans
  • Auto reset on bill cycle date
  • Four custom alert thresholds
  • Reliable, installed by millions of users
  • Work with all carriers
  • View past usage by bill cycle
  • Stunning themes

Sky Guide ($1.99)

Gorgeous sky map app Sky Guide gets a makeover with this iOS 8 update. User interface tweaks include transparency in supported devices, as well as parallax and Dynamic Type for custom font sizes. A particularly useful upgrade is a red night mode, which allows you to use the app while stargazing at night while preserving your eye's low-light vision.


Argus, Just featured in Apple’s new TV Ad – Strength! and all over the web and on Apple’s home page. You DON’T need a dedicated pedometer to know how many steps you’ve walked each day, download Argus today and use your phone to begin living healthier!

24/7 Steps and active Calorie counter, GPS mapping of Running, Cycling and Driving; keeping track of Water, Coffee and Tea intake; snapping photos of meals in one click. Featured in USA Today, CNN, TechCrunch, Gizmodo and many others.

Argus turns your iPhone into a sophisticated health and fitness device as it monitors and manages your activities, food, workouts, sleep, hydration, weight and vitals, helping you make sense of numerous bio-feedback data points to reach your health goals and improve overall well-being.

Argus is designed to harness every aspect of mobile computing to monitor your lifestyle without compromising your privacy. Argus is engineered for minimal power consumption and run 24/7 in the background. However continued use of GPS running in the background can significantly decrease battery life.

Main Features:

  • Daily Steps and active Calorie counter
  • GPS mapping of Running, Cycling and Driving
  • Creates Food diary of all your meals with food photo snapping
  • Set daily goals for Steps, Sleep time and Hydration
  • Observe trends over time with all variables to track wellness
  • Uses Instant Fitness for your home workouts
  • Uses Sleep Time to monitor your sleep cycles
  • Uses Instant Heart Rate to monitor your heart beats
  • Built in support of third party wearable devices and health apps
  • Motion coprocessor support to save battery time on iPhone 5S
  • Apple Health App integration

With an intuitive, eye-catching interface, Argus allows you to get a snapshot of your daily activity. Timeline is organized in a honeycomb structure that allow easy aggregation of your data and detailed views. You can tap once on a cell to get more information. You can tap and hold for 2 seconds to get the aggregated views of your inputs. Smart gesture – tilt iPhone 180 degrees back and forth to add water.

Enjoy Argus – your ultimate health and fitness companion.


While a visual redesign centered around the new visual sensibilities of the OS is expected, the differences in AroundMe are striking. The app supports Dynamic Type, letting it conform better to your visual settings and display preferences. Furthermore, the app embraces the use of colored circle-glyphs and animations to create better visual consistency with the iOS 8, a big difference from the almost bland look of the app's previous iteration. Finally, AroundMe no longer depends on an external app to provide directions.

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