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This is What Happens When A Girl Tries To Pick up Other Girls

We all have seen a guy pick up a girl on the street asking for her phone number telling her all kind of stories about how beautiful he thinks she is and if he can invite her for a date. Well... What happens when a girl goes around instead trying to pick up other girls? Sounds like fun right? Well, for sure it’s flattering especially if the woman who’s making the moves happens to be attractive . But it could also be super awkward. That’s exactly what happened in this social experiment. Take a look and you’ll be surprised at some of the girls’ reaction.

We, at MBC Times are huge fans of these types of social experiments. They’re not only fun and entertaining to watch but they also directly challenge the boundaries of social norms only to reveal some fascinating things about our behaviors as humans.

A lot of people have different ideas and understandings on this social experiment. Some said, if it was a man, that would certainly qualify as sexual harassment or would simply raise a lot of eyebrows. Especially the way she tried to coax them into something they said they aren’t into. But since she’s another girl, it looks cute, and most women in the video just laughed it off. If you find this interesting. 

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