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These 9 companies have more cash on hand than the U.S. government

Nothing is impossible; the word itself says 'I'm possible!', said Audrey Hepburn. Well we all could agree that living in this fast changing times nothing seems to be impossible, we all watched how many rich dictators lost their power due to the Arab spring wave, how people lost their homes and their businesses since the shockwave of the financial crisis. We have all certainly seen very miserable sights that we will all keep remembering the rest of our lives, but could anyone believe that a business of a couple of directors be richer than a whole country? In fact as unbelievable that it may sound this is a list of some companies that have more money in cash than the whole U.S. government.

In this chart above, published by the Quartz website , we see that , for example , General Electric has almost three times more cash available ( nearly 89,000 million) than the U.S. government. Followed by Microsoft (77,000 billion) , Google ( 54,000 million) and another 6 companies.

The political deadlock in the U.S. the lack of agreement and the persistent debt increase, amounting to 16.7 billion dollars, has made several companies already bettering the U.S. government economically.
Only six months ago the U.S. Treasury had 151,000 million dollars to spend, but now, when the U.S. approaching the deadline for its debt ceiling increase, only 32,000 million dollars are left in their trading account.
At $500 billion, Apple is worth more than Poland The world is changing slowly and companies seem to be controlling the economy better than their governments. In fact Apple is another story to tell. Apple's stock market value topped the $500 billion a couple of years ago, another record high for what was already the world's most valuable company. This record put Apple's valuation now higher than the gross domestic product of Poland, Belgium, Sweden, Saudi Arabia, or Taiwan.

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