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The Secret Language of Dolphins

Scientists at the University of St Andrews (Scotland) have shown that dolphins use acoustic signals specific to each other allowing them to perform and respond to individual calls. Research sheds new light on the amazing intelligence of dolphins, a subject already discussed in previous reports.
The study reveals that dolphins develop a specific whistle encoding individual identity and only respond to such mimicking the same whistle, when taken as a response to their call. Therefore these animals ignore sounds which do not reproduce their own. The team says that it is an almost human behaviour: when they hear his name, they respond.
The species analyzed is the bottlenose dolphin, or Tursiops trucantus, the most common species of this type of dolphin and the most studied because of its amazing ability to learn vocal communication. "These animals live in an environment where they need a very efficient system to keep in touch" says Dr. Vincent Janik, head of research.
Dolphins are the only mammals besides humans with the ability to integrate new signals to their own natural communication system. Other research suggests that certain types of birds, such as parrots, also have this ability to label their peers. 

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