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The absence of a cultural identity in Tangier

In the last decade, Tangier is experiencing a "development" of high level which is growing in a way that some consider reckless, Tangiers’s strategic position has allowed her the luxury to possess huge projects due to its proximity to Europe in one hand, and its position in the Strait in another hand.

The new Tangier-Med Port became operational in July 2007 and construction of the Renault-Nissan factory located in Tangier’s Meloussa area, and launched in February 2012, has made this city one of the great industrial areas of Morocco, thousands of people have already started working on these two projects, and the race to have business in Tangier is growing faster by the "virginity" of the area. Which, turns the city into a masterless "opera".
Walking the streets of Tangier One can see the characteristics of a developed city, lights, cafes and fancy restaurants, high-end cars etc., But all this is nothing more than a costume, or to explain it, a mask which gives an impression that it is not real to outsiders, Tangier and its inhabitants suffer a fairly serious problem, which is the cultural identity, when we speak of development, both economically and in other areas, referring to an area that has both a high standard of living as a high human development and a past or current industrial and commercial development. One of the indicators used to consider a country as "developed" is the human development index. This index takes in consideration the wealth, education and health, another indicator which prevails against the definition of developed countries or areas.
Tangier, a huge amount of coffees If we walk through the streets of Tangier, we’ll notice a huge amount of coffees, and a lot more people who spend the whole day sitting, talking nonsense, and always the same thing, or even "watching" which stroll the downtown areas. The cause of that? There cannot be a city of this magnitude without any libraries or cultural centers where these people can get profit of their off-days, most of them are free all day, most encounters of those young and old people are meetings with no interest at times, and the most important dialogue meeting is when it comes to football, a subject that everyone knows, but if you asked a very large percentage of these people on the history of their own city, you realize that they know virtually nothing. The Tangier which lived the "multiculturalism" does not understand this now.

This city has "shattered" Analyzing the Tangier’s streets we realize that this city has "shattered", and we have part of the guilt, we have not even tried to protect our identity and we have been influenced by the policies of others, most youth likes everything that is Spanish-related, while Tangier was never a Spanish colony, but had a more privileged state: the International status, which is the thing that we should keep in mind, and not the Spanish words we use in our vocabulary.

We have to criticize ourselves occasionally to realize the mistakes we make, and we do not want to recognize.

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