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The 10 Best and Highest-Paid Sport Athletes in the World in 2015

Here a list of the 10 top highest paid athletes in the world in 2015 according to Forbes magazine. Warning, and yes, those numbers are real. 

Methodology: The earnings figures include salaries, bonuses, prize money, appearance fees, as well as licensing and endorsement income for the past 12 months. Endorsement incomes are an estimate of sponsorship deals, appearance fees and licensing fees for the 12 months through June 1 based on conversations with dozens of industry insiders. The list only includes athletes active during the last 12 months.

10. Kobe Bryant

Wages: € 400,000  
Contracts: € 39.6 million  
Total savings: € 40 million  
Kobe Bryant, an American basketball player, had the highest wages in the world with 21 million in annual revenue during 2014 2015. He was voted player of the decade 2000-2010 although he was involved in only 41 games due to injuries. His salary has been reduced so far. Yes Yes ! He could have earned more.

9. Tiger Woods

Salaries: € 500,000  
Contracts: € 44.5 million  
Total savings: € 45 million
The green tiger is one of the greatest players of all time. You should know that his overseas travel fees usually exceed several million. However because of its multiple operations, he had to limit his movements by dropping his fees to 500 000.

8. Phil Mickelson

Salaries: € 2 million
Contracts: € 43 million
Total savings: € 45 million
Just by making an appearance in some events, he is paid more than 35 million a year by the Callaway brand. The golfer must also use only clubs, balls and bags of Callaway brand during tournaments.

7. Kevin Durant

Salaries: € 17 million
Contracts: € 31 million  
Total savings: € 48 million
He is the best NBA player during 2013-2014 season and re-signed a 10 year contract with Nike in 2014. The contract could eventually reach 267 million euros. This amount has not been reached before by any contract between Nike and an athlete.

6. LeBron James

Salaries: € 19 million
Contracts: € 39 million
Total savings: € 58 million
This giant of 2.03 meters and 113 kilos is under contract with Nike since 2003. We can also see the name of Lebron on some models of the brand. The player also has contracts with McDonald's, Coca-Cola, Samsung, Beats by Dre. 

5. Roger Federer

Salaries: € 8,000,000
Contracts: € 52 million
Total savings: € 60 million  
Record of the largest number of big slam wins (17 so far) and that of the world best tennis player and best title kept (for 5 years and 9 months in a row). In 2015, Federer rose to the rank of 5th highest paid sportsman with its many advertising contracts: Nike, Rolex, Mercedes-Benz Credit Suisse.

4. Lionel Messi

Salaries: € 46 million
Contracts: € 20 million
Total savings: € 66 million
He is the only one to have won the Golden Ball four times (2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012). Leo Messi saw his contract with FC Barcelona to increase by 8 million euros in 2014. The Argentine footballer is an athletic of big words, he is also the ambassador of UNICEF and uses his image to defend a noble cause.

3. Cristiano Ronaldo

Salaries: EUR 47 million
Contracts: € 24 million
Total savings: 71 million
In 2014, Cristiano Ronaldo was crowned best player in Europe and three-time Golden Ball winner. It is the most followed sport play in social network with 102 million Facebook fans and 35 million Twitter followers. Good years are yet to come for him.

2. Manny Pacquiao

Salaries: € 131 million
Contracts: € 11 million
Total savings: € 142 million
He was considered the best boxer in the world across all categories in the 2000s In addition to Nike contracts, foot locker, Nestlé and other Philippines brands, a country from which he originated, he won the match he had to win and earned nothing less than 110 million euros.

1. Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Salaries: € 254 million
Contracts: € 14 million
Total savings: € 268 million
The year 2015 reported $ 300 million to Floyd Mayweather Jr. This is by far the record for the highest paid athlete in the world. This extremely high gain is mainly due to fights against Manny Pacquiao which has earned him 89 million euros in one night. Now he will be able to buy gold teeth protectors if needed ;)

The blockbuster showdown between boxers Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao fueled much of the $460 million earnings increase in 2015.Mayweather tops the list for the second year in a row and third time overall.  Mayweather, Woods and now Pacquiao are the only athletes to earn nine-figures in one year.

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