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Sweden to give six hour workday a go

Revolution in the labor market? Well.. why not? The municipal workers in Gothenburg (Sweden) will work six hours workday without lowering their wages as part of an experiment that seeks to increase work efficiency and save money. "I think it is time to seriously try this strategy in Sweden ," said Mats Pilhem to the newspaper 'The Local', Gothenburg's Deputy Mayor and member of the Left Party.

The workers were divided into two groups: one experimental work under a schedule of six hours, and the other will have the conventional seven-hour working day. All workers will receive the same payment .

"Let's compare the two groups", explains Pilhem . "We hope the shorter workday workers results in less dis-enrolled and better feeling physically and mentally."

The experimental schedule was tested in the car factory in Gothenburg and the results were promising, Pilhem added, who seek to increase productivity, and to create more jobs to lower the unemployment in the country.

The plan has been criticized as an attempt to gain popularity before the election , but Pilhem denied it saying : " We have long been working on it , we have not planned for just before the election".

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