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Scientists reveal what really happened to the inhabitants of Easter Island

A new study on agricultural activity of the inhabitants of Easter Island, conducted by the team of Christopher Stevenson, has revealed new clues about the why and the period in which the island's native population became extinct.

In recent years archaeologists were divided between those who believed that the population, author of the moai statues disappeared before arrival to the island of Europeans in 1722 and who claimed that they did later, reports digital newspaper Vozpópuli.

After correlating data quantifying the moisture in the volcanic material, obsidian, and those provided by the study of the land in different parts of the island, scientists concluded that the collapse did not occur before arrival Europeans, although admittedly had a population decline due to food shortages associated with climatic factors.

Thus the study data seem to fall between the two extremes of the balance: between those who believe that the transmission of diseases like syphilis and smallpox were determining the disappearance of culture Rapa Nui Easter Island factor and those consider that the islanders had sentenced her future after having wiped out the birds and destroyed forests.

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