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Revelation : Was it Newton who discovered gravity?

One of the leading scientists of India states that some 'slokas' (verses) of sacred texts Vedas mention several phenomena discovered much later by Western scientists.
Madhavan Nair, one of the leading scientists and researchers in India, has proposed a theory that in the Vedas would have information regarding the presence of water on the moon, the gravitational force and other phenomena.

"The Vedas contain a wealth of information in the field of space and atomic energy. We were on track until the year 600 BC, before the invasions," says the scientist.

Nair believes that the Vedas contains much information unknown to the West. The biggest obstacle is that information is presented in a non-traditional way, which prevents the contemporary world to accept it. "To read the Vedas, one has to speak Sanskrit," says the researcher.

The Vedas are the four oldest sacred texts of Indian literature, based on the missing Vedic religion.

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