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Olympus Camera's Are Selfie Ready

The latest fad that has driven the post-modern era is taking your selfies and flaunting them on the social media. Cashing in on this trend, Olympus has come up with a mirrorless camera that is designed to encourage the storming trend of self-portrait photography with high-quality results.

 To address this trending need, Olympus has introduced the Plymous PEN E-PL7 that features retro-tinged mirrorless camera with a 3-inch flip-out LCD centerpiece, making the Olympus selfie easier than ever before. This Olympus Selfie Camera has a “Selfie Mode” installed in it that lets you capture a time-delayed shot. With its Olympus selfie interval feature, you can capture successive photos in multiple poses. Its powered zoom lenses automatically turn on the wide-angle view to ensure your face perfectly fits in the frame.

 The Olympus Selfie Camera doesn't only work its magic for the self-obsessed. It sports a 16 MP sensor, autofocus feature that snaps moving target up to 3.5 fps, and three-axis stabilization. Available with a touchscreen monitor, it clicks high-resolution Olympus selfies and tilts downwards for selfies. This Olympus Selfie Camera features a restyled body coupled with rearranged controls, top-mounted control dial with existing Mode dial, and a fixed grip. Flaunting a stylish Olympus Pen logo for the first time, the Olympus Pro’s overall designed will catch anyone’s attention.

 The Olympus E-PL7 records videos at 30 fps in full 1080p HD, blended with max bit rate of 24 mbps. Those who are indulged in recording videos, this Olympus Selfie Camera is ideal as it shoots time-lapse in 720m quality and consists of a bonus “Old Film Effect”, replicating the retro look of age-old films. Having a Wi-Fi feature has made it more than an exception as sharing videos and images has become more convenient. As there’s no inbuilt flash in it, the Olympus Pro comes with a compact external flash in both kit and body-only options.

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