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Ollia Alexandra Interview

Mukul Jain from Intoxicated Fashion, recently took interview of Ollia Alexandra Rarisame. She is a fashion designer in London and a girl with passion for fashion. Lets see what she says.

1. Who are you?

Ollia: I am half Russian half Greek, I love this mix, my father even has some Iranian blood, 

gives me a colourful background, but i was raised in Russia then lived in Greece and Miami 

for a short time. I am a fashion designer living in London. My label name is Rarisame.

2. What sparked your interest in fashion designing?

Ollia: I  simply wanted to make what i wanted to wear myself and  could find a perfect fit, or 


3. Are you self-taught or did you study fashion design?

Ollia: I went to London college of fashion which i didn’t think was the strongest school

4. What is your inspiration this season?

Ollia: My inspiration is black colour this season. I love black

5. How long have you been into fashion industry?

Ollia: About 4 years. But I have been doing sketching as my hobby since I was in school.

6. How has your work evolved since you began your own label?

Ollia: More responsibility more pressure, but i love it.

7. Have your prices become more appealing to people as a result?

Ollia: my prices simply reflect quality

8. What is your personal style?

Ollia: everyday chic, but i can go quite casual as well on those lazy days

9. How is your work received internationally?

Ollia: So far i had some amazing propositions from Germany and London in major!! Which i 

am super excited about.

10. What is the biggest lesson you learnt since you started your own label?

Ollia: You can please everyone.

11. Who are your idols?

Ollia: Have no idols. Idols are for people with no opinion

12. What do you hate/ love about being a fashion designer?

Ollia: It’s  a  hard  industry to  be  in,  but  i  love  how  you  can  express  yourself  like  in  no  other industry

13. If given a chance, whom will you hire as your brand ambassador and shows topper?

Ollia: Jourdun Dunn, she’s super-hot .

14. What is your vision?

Ollia: I want to see people wearing my collection. They should be cool, be chic , be sexy but 


15. What makes a best design? List any 5 things.

Ollia: quality, wearability, functionality, timeless designs,  flattering colour

16. What advice would you give to startup or debut designers?

Ollia: be ready to get lots of criticism and negativity. Don’t let that discourage you. There will 

be people who will love your work

17. What is your next 5 year plan?

Ollia: lots and lots but dont wanna jinx it!

18. Anything you want to say to your readers and fans?

Stay tune. Keep working hard.

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