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A micro nation is a political project that claims to be a nation or an independent state with legitimacy (or not) and this micro nations try to be recognized by the international community. But this group is not like independence groups (who have some international supporters) the micro nations have no recognition of any member of the international community. 

These new nations are to be found especially on the Internet or in small areas of land and usually consists of a family or group of friends who have gone from being a game to a real political project. Now we will see the most hilarious projects, some of them can actually be very viable. 


Sealand is a proclaimed micro state situated in marine platform of Roughs Tower, this platform was built by the Royal Navy during World War II in international waters so theoretically it can not belong to any independent country and due to that it was later occupied by Paddy Roy Bates several friends and partners who proclaimed the Principality of Sealand with a constitution and claim to be a state, not recognized by any country. They have passports, currency, and political system. 


The Republic of Molossia is located in the territory of the United States. This micro nation was founded by Kevin Baugh. The micro nation comprises the Baugh house, its front and rear yards and two properties in Southern California and Pennsylvania. One of its founders, John Ryan said Molossia had explained that this micro state has become a “real” country in the late 90s. 

The form of government is a republic constitution but in reality it's a dictatorship. Its president is Kevin baught, Molossia has an area of 58 hectares with 27 inhabitants and have their own currency. 

Republic of minerva 

This republic is situated in Oceania and is an increasing state due to the sand coming from Australia who was able to increase the size of this micro state. In the 70s Michael Olivier and Morris C. Davis reached the atoll hoisted the flag, an built a small tower and proclaim the independence. They sent a letter to the surrounding countries created their own currency until Tonga claimed them at that time . At that time Morris, who was President, was dismissed by the founder Olivier and the micro nation disappeared. 

Principality of Hutt River 

This is a tremendously case since this micronation was founded in 1970 and although Australia does not recognize it yet it's been unable to absorb this country situated within its territory. Why? Due to internal loopholes. The fact is that the state was founded in 1970 by George Casley who proclaimed the principality under the name "Principe Leonardo I". It has a fairly large population since there are 20,000 “hutrivians” with a constitution and its own currency. 

Kingdom of EnenKio 

This kingdom was proclaimed in 1987 by Muriel Hermios it is a separatist group from Marshall´s  Islands (Polynesia)  and they claiming to United States the sovereignty over Wake Island, where they proclaimed the kingdom. 

Empire Khabir 

This digital state was founded by Adolfo Sastre I, who was proclaimed as supreme commander of all the armies and Caliph. It is a theocratic state without liberties or constitution, and have three inhabitants. 

Republic of Navarre 

This state was founded by Iñaki I in 1998 in Navarra (Spain) has a population of 8 people the currency is the euro, the model of state was like the Republic of Minerva. And the idea is to establish a government in Navarra geographic area. He began his adventures as a kingdom but after a vote (its 8 people) became bipartisan parliamentary republic. 

Microstate of Waterland 

This is a digital state formed in 2004 as a unitary and democratic state has its own currency, the microdolar, and is a member of the Federation of Asgaria. 

Principality of Valkirya 

It was a physical micro state in southeastern Spain founded by former citizens of the "republic of Timeria" who stayed with the physical city of Hermenópolis for their physical territories. 


It is a micro nation founded between Israel and Lebanon in 1970 by Eli Avivi consisting of 2 inhabitants with an ambiguous legal status. This micro nation located in the Middle East is promoted by Israeli tourism agency. Since the "nation" features guest room, museum of oddities and other things. 


It was founded on November 27, 1981 by four citizens of Sydney who claimed both 10 square meters without political influence, so they decided to create their own state called Atlantium where one of its founders, Francis Cruickshank, was proclaimed emperor by the name of George II and he take all the political, judicial and legislative authority also proclaiming the independence of the Australian Commonwealth. 

Principality of Seborga 

In 1960 Giorgio Carbone, head of a local cooperative, found some documents by which he understood that the city of Seborga was not part of Italy so he decided to proclaim independence. He managed to get his wish and in 1963 was proclaimed by the village Prince Giorgio I of Seborga. They have a currency, the Luigino, local police and 339 inhabitants. 

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