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Long lost 'City of the Monkey God' discovered in Honduras

An international team of archaeologists discovered on an expedition conducted in the thick jungle of La Mosquitia in eastern Honduras, the ancient 'White City', also known as 'City of the Monkey God', which was inhabited by a mysterious culture presumably existed in pre-Columbian times.

An international team of explorers has found the mythical lost city 'White City' in 'one imperturbable context "in the thick jungle of La Mosquitia, in the Honduran department of ´Gracias a Dios´, publishes the journal 'National Geographic'. The expedition was composed by Honduran and American archaeologists, engineers, anthropologists, an ethnobotanist, researchers and support staff.

Archaeologists have discovered large spaces, mounds, and a pyramid of land belonging to a mysterious culture, never before explored, which flourished thousand years ago. The team, who returned from this amazing adventure last Wednesday, has also found a significant number of stone sculptures that had remained intact since the city was abandoned and at least 52 hidden objects (ceremonial stones, seats and ships finely carved, decorated with snakes, zoomorphic and vultures). However, to protect the site from looters, the archaeologists have not yet revealed the location of the place and the findings have been documented but has not yet been excavated.

The magazine notes that the most striking object of the expedition is the head of what Christopher Fisher, an archaeologist at Colorado State University (USA), define as a jaguar possibly represent a transformed state of spirit shaman. "This is clearly the least disturbed forest in Central America. The importance of this place can not be underestimated," said ethnobotanist Mark Plotkin.

The ruins were identified in May 2012 during an aerial survey in La Mosquitia thanks to Air technology called Light Detection and Measurement Ranges (LIDAR, for its acronym in English).

The legend about this mysterious and intriguing city belongs to the oral tradition of the Pech Indians and clown, who inhabited the territory of Honduras since pre-Columbian times (by some accounts, from about 2,500 years before the arrival of Christopher Columbus). It is believed that the first to discover the city was the Spanish conquerors who were lost exploring the jungle.

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