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List of the 50 most powerful armies in the world

Indeed the only way to really compare the actual power of the different armies would be a direct confrontation between them. But there are less drastic methods for measuring the military capabilities of countries, such as power ratings.
The website Global Firepower index presented a list of nations by military power. The authors use the so-called 'Global Firepower Index' ('overall rate of firepower'), which is made considering different data hosts from different countries.
The list takes into account geographic and industry factors and penalizes landlocked countries that lack fleet, but does not measure the nuclear capacity. Overall it is a more quantitative than qualitative list.

  1. United States of America 
  2. Russia
  3. China   
  4. India  
  5. United Kingdom  
  6. France   
  7. South Korea   
  8. Germany   
  9. Japan   
  10. Turkey  
  11. Israel  
  12. Indonesia  
  13. Australia 
  14. Canada   
  15. Taiwan  
  16. Italy   
  17. Pakistan  
  18. Egypt   
  19. Poland   
  20. Thailand 
  21. Vietnam   
  22. Brazil   
  23. Iran   
  24. Sweden  
  25. Ukraine  
  26. Singapore   
  27. Algeria   
  28. Saudi Arabia   
  29. Czech Republic  
  30. Switzerland  
  31. Mexico   
  32. South Africa   
  33. Norway   
  34. Austria   
  35. Malaysia   
  36. North Korea   
  37. Netherlands   
  38. Spain   
  39. Denmark   
  40. Philippines  
  41. Nigeria   
  42. Syria 
  43. Chile   
  44. Myanmar   
  45. Belarus   
  46. Ethiopia   
  47. Argentina  
  48. Finland   
  49. Morocco  
  50. United Arab Emirates   

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