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Lebanon, Mali, Tunisia, Iraq, Palestine or France ... I pray for you all

After years of it inception, ISIS or Daesh is invading the world by installing disorder and terror in our societies. Beside analyzing the reasons and circumstances behind its constant and rapid growth, either due to social circumstances or inexplicable political interest, this virus of terrorism is dangerously spreading worldwide bringing terror and horror into our civilian lives. In fact and as seen in the international terrorist attacks, the situation is out of control and for every day I feel the insecurity invading my personal daily life.

We are in a situation where words of sympathy stays short. Whether we speak about the affected people in Lebanon, Mali, Tunisia or France, the scary situation is the same, and after all these terror attacks we find ourselves in an enigma or matrix where we have no escape. What is the root cause of these terrifying attacks, and most importantly whom to blame, have today no clear answer.   

The situation is the same all over the world, and the most affected regions are in fact, the Muslim countries. Over the past five years Muslims have suffered extensively from terrorism, a term used to take more than 100,000 of Muslim civilian lives and the numbers are still raising... Iraq, Syria, Palestine, Lebanon,  Burma , Mali… are some of those countries that have been burning for years. People in these countries are experiencing all kinds of torture; fear and death everywhere they go. Moreover, they have lost their families, children, parents, cousins, friends and neighbors. They witness all possible cruel scenes, and are experiencing great difficulties due to some heartless and ignorant terrorists. These people have lost their right of living, leaving their homelands to save what it can be saved, leaving behind their homes, jobs, and families… to (for many) live as discriminated refugees without any affiliation or decent life.

It is not easy for me to believe that this virus have no cure. The situation is in fact worst even. After seeing the horrifying attacks of Paris, a powerful country that does not suffer from any imbalances. these attacks may in my point of view add fuel to the fire. In fact it is just an other event against regular Muslims which may make their lives even more difficult wherever they are. The truth is that regular Muslims may now be even more vulnerable and affected by Islamophobia in the western world. Whatever situation, it seems that Islam and Muslims are always the main target. Therefor terrorism has no religion. Killing innocent people is unjustified and prohibited in all religions, especially in Islam, as it only causes sedition and hatred between nations and people. Even though we are about to lose all rights to defend this innocent religion, due to what it is done behind its flag by these extremists who do not represent either Islam as a religion or Muslims as people, I have to say, it is very stupid to stereotype and consider Islam or Muslims terrorists. Or else, we will end in a situation where we do not know how to distinguish between crime and religion.

A fact that the western media need to take it into account is;  supposing Muslims are all terrorists, why are they do the most affected victims in this conflict? Moreover, Muslims represent about 2 billion of the global population, it is almost a third of the global population, if they are all extremists and adopt an extremist jihad belief, Why millions of Muslims living in the western countries are perfectly integrated into the western culture living normal lives as any other citizen in respective countries.

Well... today, I see the world bleeding. I see people suffering all over the world for no reason. We started to lose our humanity and our principals as human beings. We also started to attribute each other as “terrorists and infidels”. We started to answer violence with more violence.

We have indeed lost ourselves in this jungle of hatred. We blame each other and turn against each other forgetting the importance to stand as one to end this horror. We are divided into nations and groups of divers beliefs and cultures, and where love and respect weakens and find no space, where personal or group interests goes beyond any human principals we have build since the beginning of our humanity.

Today, our blue sky has turned red, and where death forms high waves in a windy and horrifying time of terror. - Chaimae Saidi

In brief, before praying for Paris, I will first pray for all other societies suffering from terrorism in the world. I will pray for the world itself, for our humanity, and for ourselves to be as good as this little planet deserves.

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