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Lawrence Krauss : Science increasingly proves the existence of God

The theoretical physicist Lawrence Krauss has written a letter to 'The Wall Street Journal' to mark an article whose author argues that "science increasingly proves the existence of God." The letter of the scientist was not published by the newspaper, while the renowned evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins decided to publish it on the website of his foundation. 

In the article in question, the work of the evangelical writer Eric Metaxas, argues that scientists have determined that the emergence of life is unlikely to have been created by a deity. 

"Today more than 200 parameters are known that are needed for life to exist on a planet and each and every one of them must match perfectly, or it all falls apart," Metaxas writes.

The problem with the argument of Metaxas, Krauss wrote in response to the newspaper which refused to publish lies in the assumption that scientists really know the factors that enable the evolution of life in the universe. "We know many factors that are important here on Earth, but do not know which set of other factors could allow a different evolutionary history elsewhere," highlights the physicist.

According Krauus, Metaxas's error is "something akin to saying that if you look at all the factors in my life that led directly to me to be sitting at my computer to write this article, there'll be a little chance you would get to conclude that it is impossible someone else could ever sit down to write this previously mentioned article "

Krauss also noted that Metaxas ignored recent research on extremophiles, organisms that evolved to live in environments previously thought too harsh and inhospitable to life. Because of them, writes the physical, "the chances of finding [life on other planets] have increased, not decreased."

According to him, Metaxas also wrong when he cites the theoretical physicist Paul Davies Krauss-a colleague of the Arizona State University, stating that "the appearance that there is a design is overwhelming."

"The appearance design of life on Earth is overwhelming," replies Krauss, clarifying that "now we understand, thanks to Charles Darwin, the appearance of design is not the same design, but in reality, a remnant of the remarkable efficiency of natural selection ".

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