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It’s their issue, we’re not responsible for Palestinian problems “Arab saying “

Because no country ready to destroy its relationship with Israel , no country dares to say No to Israel , there’s no any Arab president can stand up and shout “ Stop killing Gaza , we will respond to every criminal action against Gaza “ nobody dare , nobody care . Who can break up their own relationships with Israel? Political economy, Business, oil, agreements, trade and commerce! Who can destroy it all because one kid or two suffering now in Gaza? It doesn’t matter, it’s easier to keep watching without any action, No one on this planet wants to suffer a headache or make himself busy with some people are killing in a country you can’t even find it on the map, everyone needs and want peace with Israel.

Well, they are not just one or two kids, or only a small area on a map, Gaza strip has an annual population growth rate of 2.91% (2014 est.), the 13th highest in the world, and is overcrowded, 1.8 million suffering in Gaza right now, life is completely paralyzed, with each bomb by IOF many people injured and killed because it’s high population density, statistics refer clearly to that:

“ As of 1:30 pm, Sunday 10 August 2014, Al Mezan was able to verify that at least 1,927 Palestinians have been killed by the IOF since 7 July 2014. Of  them 440 are children and 243[1] women. According to Al Mezan's initial investigations 1,651 (i.e. 85.6%) of the victims are civilians.
At least 918; including 296 children and 198 women, were killed inside their houses; and two other disabled women were killed in an attack on a rehabilitation NGO's office. Another 214 people were killed in the vicinity of their houses; including in situations where they were trying to flee from their homes as a result of IOF attacks. The number of these victims is expected to increase once the casualties in Rafah are further investigated and verified.
Moreover, at least 7و521 other people were injured during the same period; of whom at least 2,078 were children and 1,418 women. At least, 8,820 houses were destroyed or damaged during this period; of which 2,545 were destroyed completely as the IOF directly and deliberately attacked 897 of the total number of damaged houses. As of today, IOF attacks have destroyed or damaged 92 schools, 137 mosques, 8 hospitals; 6 of which are out of service, 38 NGO offices, 50 fishing boats, and 161 vehicles. “

Source: Al Mezan Center for Human Rights

We know in Gaza that most people – in Arab countries and the world - are supporting us, but their government doesn’t, and people be like “How we can help Gaza? “ Well, you can, you can force your government that support Israel to kick Israeli ambassador out, is it hard? It’s not harder than what is going on in Gaza, even if this attack on Gaza ended, they will continue their crimes in Palestine, because the attack on Gaza is not the only problem here, Palestine occupied and suffer Israeli occupation for more than 66 years, And Gaza situation now is intensive crimes. 

On other hand , everyone individually can help , don’t buy Israeli Goods , tell your friends , share this Boycott on your Facebook , Twitter and social media , let’s harm them by their economy , an extended campaign in the world now to Boycott Israeli goods , be part of it , you can do something , you’re really helpful , just don’t adapt negative stance.

Alaa Hayek is from Gaza, work in Al Mezan Centre of Human Rights and write to MBC TIMES from this Palestine City.

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