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I'll smoke hashish : The Revolutionary song

Luka Blue, a young Egyptian singer, is revolutionising the web with her new published song called I'll smoke hashish.

The song, with it strong and subversive words, made more than 2 million views on Soundcloud. Small feat saluting the courage of the singer, who does not hesitate to denounce the hypocrisy of the conservative arab society, her words goes specially against the double moral of the women living in this part of the world.

The lyrics say: "My grandmother said, 'girls must wear dresses' My mother said,' girls do not play with the mud 'My aunt, who wears the veil, said: 'sing what you want but you will end up in hell' But my father did not say anything, so I do what is allowed: I smoke hashish ... People only think on marriage and decoration . piece of china, gold and linens. And be at your guard if you go out an evening or if you come back late at night. worst if if the gatekeeper sees you, you will end up not getting married... "

This classical/cultural type of music, which was widely praised on social networks, is the first Egyptian song openly evoking hashish, whose consumption is a social phenomenon strictly declined by the Arab population. Let hope this initiative will not be the last of its kind, and some how make the new generation of these countries understand more about the outside world...  

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