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How to stay alive in Gaza?

When you ask your friend in Gaza “How are you doing?“ The most common answer is “Still alive“.

Just take a minute and meditate in these letters, to know how suddenly all hopes and dreams in Gaza turns in one night to “I want to live“ or no no . “I want to survive“!

It’s horrible when your hopes to see your child graduating from Kindergarten turns to how keep him feel safe , or when you trying to convince your little girl that is nothing going on outside except “ Fireworks “ , or your dreams about buying  -for you and your family- a new beautiful house instead of killer rent,  turns suddenly to how make sure that your rental house is far away from the real Killer , actually it’s not , or even your wishes of healing your broken hand turns to just not losing it .

The Whole truth about living in Gaza is that your highest limits of your hopes and dreams became “how to stay alive and safe? “. But unfortunately, this question has no answer.
Has no answer because when Israeli military air strikes fire bombs all days and nights without any distinguishing  between civilian and militaries , and when Navy Israeli military keep fires on people who live around the beach , or when Egypt - the closest neighbor to Gaza - closes Rafah crossing against injures who need argent transfer to hospital, which by the way are very overcrowded in Gaza and can’t bear anymore injures ,  in addition to its suffering of  storage of medicine and medical equipments . Then you’ll find yourself in the middle of Land – sea – air siege and aggression and you’ll not be able to make sure that you, your wife or your children will stay alive for another day, hour or even minute.

Another scene in Gaza you will not find in Hollywood or action movies, you will not see it in any other place in the world. “It’s 3:20 a.m., he finally convinced his children to sleep and nothing is going on outside ,  Sound coming from the hall , it’s telephone ringing , he answered and got massage that he have to leave his house now before they destroy it . he through the handset away and harried up to wake his children and wife up , ran as fast as they can to get out of the house , if he were lucky he will find his family identification documents and some money before getting bomb , it’s 3:27 a.m. , they‘re now on the stairs , a small rocket bombed the roof of the house now , no one injured yet , they keep running  , now they are outside watching their house with all the memories , years , events and dreams getting bombed and destroyed with a horrible rocket by F-16 Military aircraft at 3:30 a.m.  , now they are homeless, THE END “

So, sorry, I will not be able to answer the question “How to stay alive in Gaza?” because I don’t even know if I will be able to publish these lines before getting killed.  But I’m not sorry about our children desire of living, not surviving

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