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Greg Plitt : Get the perfect male body

Greg Plitt, the world’s No.1 fitness model, takes us through three exercises that will have you buff you up in no time. If you want to get strong, you need to spend a few months training heavy. If you want to look like a bodybuilder, you need to do more sets and reps. Lose your gut? That means 12 weeks of circuit training. Well, life is too damn short. That’s why we’ve come up with a system that lets you develop strength, size, and definition the “perfect” body in a single all-encompassing workout.

The Perfect Program How It Works:

Using the most time-efficient exercises (the squat, deadlift, and dip), our workout minimizes the overall number of moves.
This will stimulate the muscles enough to grow without hurting their ability to recover.

Each session emphasizes specific parts aimed at strength, muscle gain, and conditioning. Workouts begin with a heavy lift, then move on to fast-paced circuits for a big pump, and finish with a calorie-burning superset designed to leave you gassed.

Chest: The push up tree This uses a Smith Machine – an adjustable barbell that can be locked at any height. The goal is five sets of push-ups back to back. Start on the floor with hands wide for 20 to 30 reps.

Lock the bar in the lowest catch and bring hands a few inches closer for another 20 to 30 reps.

Again, no rest, lock the bar one catch higher and bring hands even closer for another 20 to 30 reps. Do two more sets, raising the bar higher between each set as well as bringing your hands closer.

Shoulders: Military press-row This has two different exercises in one "super-set: – standing barbell military press and barbell upright row. Stand with a weighted barbell.

Lift the bar from your chest overhead to an extended arm range and lower it to the back of your neck. Do 15 reps. As soon as you finish, bring the weight down to your hips so it hangs freely in your hands, which should now be positioned inside shoulder width.

Lift the bar until it touches your chin, ensuring your elbows remain higher than your wrists at all times and your back is straight.

Back: Wide-grip pull-ups This is the best mass-builder for your back. The wider your hands, the more mass you build further away from your spine. Hands closer together targets muscle closer to the spine.

Grab the bar with palms facing away (palms facing you means chin-ups, which work inner muscles of the back – the rhomboid region). Do four sets to failure, with a partner to help you to get two reps in.

Top tips from the top dog

Greg Plitt is the world's No.1 fitness model. He works out daily to achieve a balance of strong mind and healthy body.

Leave your pride at the door "Pride is your biggest enemy in the gym," Plitt says. Why? Because it allows you to be influenced by others, lifting more than you can handle, meaning you lose correct form and often suffer injury. "The fastest way to improve growth and strength comes through perfect form, which usually entails using lighter weights but achieving more muscle burn." It's a marathon, not a sprint "Most people start a workout regimen and give up because they aren't seeing results," Plitt says. "It doesn't work that way." There is no quick fix, and the hardest part is committing to lifestyle change and maintaining a never-say-die attitude. "Being in shape is the easy part.

Transforming yourself in the first place is the toughest bit." The ideal body equation Aerobic conditioning + anaerobic strength + nutrition + rest = the ideal body. "If you neglect any one of the four elements of the equation, your ideal physique will never mature," Plitt says. "Of course, your body will transform to a degree, but before reaching your true potential, your progress and success will fall short and you will plateau."

Champs come in pairs "Working out alone can become monotonous, so to keep enthusiasm high and push yourself, get a training partner," Plitt says. Giving physical support in forced and aided reps, plus psychological encouragement when you’re less motivated, is a win-win situation.

"Often we'll let ourselves down, but we'll rarely let a partner down." Train your brain and your body will eventually follow "If you believe you can do something, your body will find a way to make it happen physically," Plitt says. "If you don’t believe, your body will let you down. When you learn that you can overcome adversity in the gym and come out successful, in a healthier body, your self-confidence will grow tenfold." Don't let your workout get tired "Keep your body guessing and don't allow it to get into sync with your training routine," Plitt says. If you feel your body is beginning to figure out your exercise pattern, then it will find a more efficient way to move throughout the workout and defeat the goal of getting stronger, so try to alter your regime every time.

"Don't worry, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. It’s easy and, to be honest, it makes training more enjoyable and interesting." The heart is the key to fat loss "If your goal is to reduce body fat, make sure your efforts are in the right direction," Plitt says. Your heart rate controls what your body takes for energy – too high and you break down muscle: at a lower rate, you use fat instead. "Drop your heart rate and sustain that activity for 45 minutes to an hour three times a week." 

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