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Google Launches ‘Constitute’ for Exploring World’s Constitutions

Google has recently launched a new web service called Constitute, allowing internet users to browse the constitutions of many countries in the world for free, and so discovering in details every country's constitution.

The site allows users to browse the constitutions of 160 countries, using nearly 350 curated tagged topics like religion, political parties, or civil and political rights; or simply search by year or country.

The website also makes it possible for people to view or download copies of the constitutions as a PDF file.

The new service is a project developed by the Comparative Constitutions Project, a collaboration between researchers at the University of Texas, the University of Chicago and University College of London, and cultivated by Google Ideas.

“Our aim is to arm drafters with a better tool for constitution design and writing,” wrote Sara Sinclair Brody, Google Ideas Product Manager, on the company’s blog post announcing the release of the website. “

“We also hope citizens will use Constitute to learn more about their own constitutions, and those of countries around the world”, she added. 

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