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Those gentlemen who are the delight of Swiss banks

We committed ourselves, in these lines, to bring you our insights about the major problems of society on major current debates and recent developments in the political and social issues. But sometimes, as the case of this column, let us just express our opinion on an issue that is close to our heart, the capital flight to foreign banks, mostly Swiss banks, underlining The Cahuzac case that sickened us as much as you, coming from a minister who chose to give the bad example, avoiding the rigors of taxation by opening an account in a Swiss bank. A new breed of citizens is born: those who are literally eating the state, those politicians with large incomes but refusing to participate in the construction of the nation, through their tax contributions, preferring to "shelter" their low-grade wool abroad in tax havens. Thus, Swiss bankers, longtime experts in mafia funds management are thereby now becoming "Ministers of the Republic auxiliary boxes".

The Cahuzac case

The Cahuzac case is an example of this widespread phenomenon: A French political and financial scandal involving Jerome Cahuzac, Minister Delegate for the Budget at the outbreak of the case, in December 2012. Accused by the online news site Mediapart of possessing undeclared funds on an account in Switzerland, then in Singapore, Cahuzac repeatedly proclaims his innocence, even in front of the National Assembly deputies. At the opening day of a judicial inquiry in March 19th, he resigned from the government and eventually recognized the facts in front of the judges. He was then indicted for money laundering and tax evasion.

Yet the person has always denied being the holder of the very famous credit account in the books of the Switzerland Bank Union... He was probably surprised that this information is known, especially given the honor point that these Swiss bankers had put to never reveal their "key accounts" owners. They call it bank secrecy, a very dear concept to Switzerland, while we would have another qualification for this fact…

Obviously, while numerous identity documents are required to open our accounts, just a few hundred thousand euros and an identification number are fair enough to open an account in those "paradises".

It's as simple as that ...

So, obviously, some people do little to resist the temptation to not paying their taxes, domiciling their accounts abroad, especially in Switzerland. They speak of "offshore accounts", we told you that it is theft, especially when the money deposited in numerous offshore accounts is generally unclean...

Tax escape became a very popular sport in France, a discipline also known as the Tour de France, in which many cultural luminaries and now political people illustrates. Initially, it is the wealthy artists who gave the top, preferring "exile" to escape the bleeding of tax services.

Gerard Depardieu in Belgium, followed by Yannick Noah and Amelie Moresmo who settled in Switzerland, continuing to live and earning a living... in Paris. For a moment, even the monument of French music, the National Johnny, threatened to exile in case taxes do not "get away" from him.

So when ministers transfer their assets abroad, one wonders what they are waiting for to go into exile too, because it would be well tolerated from them. They would lose, so, all constituents, any fief as the income they are transferring to Swiss accounts.

"Money from France stays in France"

Ss said by an inspector of the Financial Brigade to a young foreign entrepreneur in France. Exorbitant taxes are also guilty of that phenomenon.

Indeed, we must recognize that the Republic gives no gift.

The Hexagonal taxes are among the highest in the European Union, then it must be recognized, to balance the scales a bit, that great fortunes are not really wrong "to banish" their fortunes in tax havens, leaving just a little share which may be hit by the local taxes.

Proportionally, when we fee about 33% from average citizens revenue, for a young single framework paid 25,000 euros per year, it is only 8000 euros, but when 50% is required from a wealthy businessman or an artist whose fortune reaches hundred million euros, you can imagine the bleeding ... Enough to leave the bank, and pass to Geneva forgetting taxes towards the Republic.

Sure the temptation is great. But succumbing is intolerable from a minister of the Republic who has sworn to serve the nation and the people. So Mr. Cahuzac, despite your late confession, you are in no way excusable.

You're an international problem

As Switzerland is making many people happy, it would be appropriate for a genuine cooperation to get established in order to share banking information and find unscrupulous ministers who "tax exile" and open accounts abroad.

But Swiss banks are really a tomb ... Maybe the Swiss bankers are morticians themselves. In any case, they continue to attract all the wealth of the world, especially those of African dictators whose favorite sport is to hold an account in Geneva or Zurich ...

This is how fortunes grow, fortunes of those politicians who are the delight of Swiss banks.

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