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Gaza, is there a saver?

After two weeks of being attacked by Israel, Gaza still suffering from all kinds of torture. Every one there is targeted, children, women, old people.. Not to speak about the public utility hospitals and schools...

Israel has given the right to exterminate that isolated city because of the neutrality and the support of the western countries, they avoid speaking about what really happening in Gaza and focusing about the few bombs that the resistance defends it self with. They considered Israel the victim. While all the crimes Israel is committing are war crimes, the west prefer to accuse Hamas for it resistance and ignore the killing against the innocent people of Gaza by Israel.

Hamas and Israel are not equal in military power

Israel using BOMBS that are internationally banned due to what it causes of diseases and permanent disabilities. But still the western condones these crimes and describes the situation in Israeli cities not reassuring ,while Gaza is burning night and day and dozens of people die every day.

Isn't the situation in Gaza the one that deserves that consideration?

THE BLOCKADE ON GAZA. 7 years ago Israel has imposed a suffocating blockade on Gaza, when the Islamic resistance movement Hamas won the legislative election in 2006. But when Hamas took control of Gaza in 2007, Israel reinforced the blockade. This BLOCKADE prevented the entrance of fuel, electricity..and many commodities such as vinegar, biscuit, meat and poultry. Also Israel prevented fishing in the sea. Some thinkers see that Egypt is involved in the blockade in Gaza unofficially, because they closed the border of "Rafah" even thought it is the only executor of Gaza's people to get help from the outside world. Thus thousands of Palestinians in January 23,2008 stormed the interval border between Egypt and Gaza to provide their needs. The deteriorating situation of gazans pushed the humanitarian coordinator "Maxwell Gaylord "to describe the situation there as an assault against the human dignity.


Hossam Zumlot, a professor of political science said that: the new Israel attack on Gaza is more than "state terrorism" practiced in both wars of 2008 and 2012. It is a "genocide" and crimes against humanity. Zumlot assured that Israel is targeting all the Palestinians taking advantages from the interior and particle variables.

The reason behind the current war

The main reason of this current war is "the Israeli revenge against the Palestinians". He added that Israel is exploiting the re-born of the arab countries after their revolutions. The writer Said that Erekat agreed with Hossam Zumlot and added that this war that is happening now is the same war that has been ongoing since 1948. And is a continues war by Israel against the Palestinians. From his part the israeli journalist Ronnie shaked said that, the reason behind the current was is Hamas and the bombs they attacking Israel with, adding that Israel does not want war with Gaza but with Hamas. Assuring that Israel has not shown it real power yet.  

What invalidate the speech of Netanyahu in November 2012 in the discussion about the cease of fire in Gaza was his live talk about the situation:

We do not share your concern about the civilians casualties at all, in fact we conducting this surgical operation against schools, mosques, hospitals, universities and children… - Netanyahu.
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