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Drone: Former engineer at NASA declares war on deforestation

The US military drones has been used for several years to spy and eliminate targets. Now a company called Biochar Engineering intends to use UAVs to fight another war, a good war ... against deforestation. In command of the project is the CEO Lauren Fletcher former engineer at NASA, he intends to "shoot" a billion trees a year, using only one drone called Vulcan UAV, capable of carrying 8 kg of seeds.

The planting system is much like a drone with a paintball gun (actually the seeds used have a size similar to the balls used in the sport weight). To guide the AUVs to reforest areas with low density of plants, the company develops 3D maps for geographical areas that help the brain of the vehicle to plan and plot routes effectively.

This draft BioCarbon Engineering is an economical, practical and less invasive choice when reforest areas. Indeed an excellent example of a good applied science.

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