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Extraterrestrial life : Unsure about alien life?

It is very normal to believe in what you see today and ignore anything paranormal that you have not seen. I mean why do I need to believe in anything outside the reality of my senses. 5th dimension, life after death or in this case Extraterrestrial life could all just be human imagination. Well for decades this has been the case. Today the situation is all about to change... if you are not convinced that there’s alien life in the universe, that we are alone on our planet... you may want to see these videos...

Today in fact there’s SO much evidence proving there are many different species that have been visiting Earth for centuries, and now government officials are finally disclosing that they have been in contact for some time now.

People around the world are having similar abduction stories, coming together in support groups to share their experiences.

The public is finally being allowed to see what has been hidden for decades. The interaction with ET’s is being openly discussed in congress, and filmed for the world to see.

For not so long ago Dr Boyd Bushman made the extraordinary claims in his last ever interview and showed pictures of what he alleged were extra terrestrials.

He said people at the secretive US air base are studying UFOs 24 hours a day and that he helped develop flying saucer technology for a major defence firm.

The scientist's claims were made in a video recorded days before his death in August and posted recently to YouTube.

Mr Bushman said: "With respect to the alien craft, we have American citizens who are working on UFOs 24 hours a day.

"We are trying to learn what to do." - Dr Boyd Bushman

These videos are real, but can still easily be dismissed. Many people do not want to accept this new reality, which is understandable. But this paradigm is shifting rapidly and the sooner we accept and integrate the infinite possibilities, the sooner we get to to experience the truth.

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