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Exploring the Career myths

Wow, such pleasant dream to have a career which is indeed different, which gives you a great lifestyle, which gives you more happy days. Don’t you live that dream, Do you? You may think you will have to compromise in order to achieve and realize the expectation you have with yourself. Well you may feel being possessed with workload, but you are happy. In this article, I shall expose a few myths, sayings you've heard before that simply are not true. Let's explore them.

Let’s go to the first one Ahh!! Well it’s the same...

Myth 1: Career of your choice? Not possible without sacrifice

Really!! This is the biggest of all career myths, the belief that you can't have a career of something you more than love it. This myth is rooted in fear. Fear that we have to sacrifice our happiness or your passion to make a living. Don't buy the myth that you can't earn a living by doing what you love. Everyone’s first attempt or startup is always tough but it always pays, now or later. Many people or the ones around you might say that you have not made great choice. But after all it’s your choice. Just look around people who are successful, and learn from them.

At least you are responsible of your choice and you may not regret when you grow old and look back at life.

Myth 2: Competition and Economy

We hear this everyday about unemployment and news sources reports the number creating a chill running down the spine aren’t they.  The market is not down; it’s just slow in recovering. You must prepare yourself for the better. The job growth maybe at a standstill, but you should hone yourself to be tougher when it’s tough.  

It's a myth to conclude that this year the job market is different. It will not be the same.  It's a changing economy. You got to be ready for a change in practice. Market change does not reflect on our efficiency. There is always a cycle of change and we have to always prepare for the change.

I believe the scenario is always good for things you are looking for; it’s the always attitude and approach. 

Myth 3: Risk in changing a career

The change in career seems to be a bigger risk than having none.  A Change in career means a lot as you have to bring in a change in you and moreover leaving something you been working on a daily basis. In more of a positive note you may found something new and interesting which is more satisfactory to the previous job. The way we take it. Sometime you never set your heart right. But we sometime outsmart ourselves don’t we?

There are many example of a successful career change. Possibly they must have had a plan which made the change successful. It’s riskier if you are not prepared for a change or not planned for a change. The waiting game of making a change is riskier than initiating one. Psychological it’s a losing battle with something on your mind and something on the plate. 

Myth 4: Finding “the Perfect job”

We are in 2015 and people laugh at them who do talk about having a perfect job. Is it? No. Should we ask do you have a job? In this economy the sense of secured job or a good in hand salary is more satisfactory to realize a perfect job. But do we really find a ‘perfect job’? This myth has something to do with the satisfaction level. If you are satisfied in a job you think that it’s a perfect job. Well chances are you've even come very, very close to a few of those perfect jobs already. So what happened? You might have changed it for a bigger pay check and end up getting roasted. It differs in perspective of what you want in your job: Money, freedom, challenges. You might not end up with everything.

You may have lost an opportunity by a whisker in a moment of emotion or being laid back. Just have a watchful eye on the opportunity which comes in. Well you never know 

Myth 5: Career Goal

Everyone has a goal to achieve in ones career. The aim to fulfill it keeps us going. Well does it give you growth career wise?

My friend had a goal in being a pilot. He worked hard and was clear about his goal.  He had the self belief in himself of doing the best in whatever comes in. He was actively in sports and finally one day he realized his goal led him to being a successful athlete. Becoming an athlete was never his goal. But he did best whatever came in the way to realize his goal. He did not change his goal. But chose to trust the goal and realized he was already fulfilling his goal.  So it is always good give the best in what you do. Instead of chasing it let it come to you.

Just live life as it is and the best you can possibly do.  Live beyond fear and uncertainty.  Don’t hold yourself back. Possibilities never end. 


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