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Erdogan: Women not equal to men

For Turkish President Erdogan, "women have a place, motherhood and cannot be naturally equal to men because of their "natural sensitiveness".

"Our religion has defined a place for women: motherhood" - Recep Tayyip Erdogan

Women not equal to men : A week after he sparked controversy by saying, very confidently, that the American continent was discovered by Muslims, the Islamic-conservative president of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan has once again made a controversial statement. This time against women and their rights. He bluntly said that women could not be naturally equal to men and slammed the feminist groups, accusing them of being opposed to motherhood.

"Our religion (Islam) has established a place for women and women not equal to men (in society): motherhood," commented Mr. Erdogan in Istanbul in front of a large female audience gathered for a summit on justice and women. "Some people can understand, others not. You cannot explain that fact to feminists because they do not accept the basic ideology of motherhood, "he added.

Moving forward, the head of state assured that men and women could not be treated in the same way

"because it is against human nature." "Their character, their habits and physical are different (...) you cannot put on the same foothold a woman breastfeeding her child and a man" he insisted.

Women are "sensitive in nature"

"You cannot ask a woman to do all types of work a man does, you cannot ask them to go out and dig the ground, as it is contrary to their delicate nature." - Recep Tayyip Erdogan

The party of Erdogan, who heads Turkey since 2002, is regularly accused of wanting to Islamize Turkish society, and limiting the rights of women.

The current president, who headed the government for eleven years before his election as head of state in August sparked repeatedly anger of Turkish feminist movements while trying to limit, without success, the right to abortion and recommending women to have at least three children.

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