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How Dangerous is North Korea?

North Korea could be an imminent menace, nuclear threat that could trigger the unwanted? Does KIM JONG have provocation as its only weapon? Is he using this "weapon" just to attract the attention of the united states? How North Korea has become the target of international controversy?

North Korea shares borders with China and South Korea of course, in addition to being also very close to Japan

Until the late 19th century, the Korean peninsula was governed by the Korean Empire until 1910, when the territory was annexed by the Japanese Empire finally surrendered to the Allies in 1945, at the en of the Second World War.

At that time, the peninsula was divided in two, North Korea and South Korea, the north dominated by the Soviet Union and the South by the United States.

Soviet communism ruled the north, while the south was a right-wing government: the battle could not be avoided, and in 1950, North Korea invaded its southern neighbour.

The Korean War in 1950 was a sensitive issue and it is important to know that this time, the Soviet Union attempted a boycott of the UN Security Council to protest against the unfavourable situation in the Chinese civil war, so that the powers, taking advantage that there was no dissenting voice (the absence of the Soviet Union) decided to help South Korea militarily to repel the invasion of the northern neighbour.

20 countries have offered assistance to South Korea, but 88% of the army were American. In July 1953 a truce was reached, namely a cease-fire and since then, the two Koreas have lived in constant tension.

Kim Il Sung is the founder of the current North Korea and its first president. After his death, Kim Jong Il inherited the full powers, passing in turn honours to his son, Kim Jong Un, the maximum current leader of the country, with the provocative attitude of his father in surplus.

Kim Il Sung was able to create a system that contains the resistance gear almost permanently. The myth introduced by the Kim family is that of a brave battle against the Japanese, giving freedom to the Korean people.

The improvement of the figure of Kim Il Sung is literally related to the genesis of the North Korean state, as if the Kim family and the state were born at the same time, these two elements being inseparable in the country’s collective ideology.

When Kim Jong Il died, the world was worried about the government transition of one of the world's most repressive states. A few months earlier, Jong Il designated his third son, Kim Jong Un, as his heir.

Many looked forward to the great throne in North Korea

Jong Un has two older brothers and a host of parents who could have claimed the position when the heir was only 27. The reaction that power elites in North Korea could had remain unknown, without forgetting older military commanders reaction at the sight of a boy with a capricious kid reputation becoming a four stars Colonel, that is to say, General Colonel.

Ultimately, Kim Jong Un has proven to be a tough leader, continuing his father’s military provocations, ignoring the armistice of 53 and about to reactivate a nuclear plant. It seems that his policies are desperate to prove that his attitude goes hand in hand with his father and his grandfather, founding liberators and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.

Like other countries with the same political system, North Korea lives through its contrasting macro-economic data and its social policies. The North Korean education is universal and free, with almost eradicated illiteracy, the health system is also universal and free, while the food is heavily subsidized.

However, its economy has been hit hard and it is the most militarized country in the world and one of the most repressive, investing nearly 25% of its GDP in armaments.

North Korea has always flirted with the idea of attacking its neighbours, Japan and South Korea, as well as to destroy America, and has never had any diplomatic qualms at the realization of its weaponry tests. Through its exhibitions of strength and his controversial statements, North Korea is committed to make the world understand the fact that he should be careful.

However, since the fifties, it has taken a decisive step to initiate an official conflict

- If Korea shows it has intercontinental missiles, it does not yet have the capability of carrying a nuclear weapon such a long distance. Thus, their dreams to see the White House blowing up are completely unrealistic, literally, as their weapons are not comparable at all to U.S. defensive weapons.

- It has many enemies: it is true that North Korea may hit Japan and South Korea with its missiles, but this would be a suicidal plane: its most immediate enemies are Japan and its Southern neighbour which has a GDP multiplied by 20, double the population and entrenched alliance with the better armed states in the world.

- It has almost no friends: According to its attitudes and statements, it is clear that China, a former ally of the North Korean regime is gradually losing patience with the conduct of Jong Un, and Russia is an old but increasingly absent partner, thus letting understand that none of these countries (and certainly not the dictatorships of the Middle East) would be ready to support North Korea in the event of a major conflict.

We always have trouble understanding systems that different from ours while the leaders of North Korea are well aware of what is happening in the world, the West does not care too much about what is going on. In fact, the war between the Koreas has been called the "unknown war" since few people knew what was happening on the Korean peninsula, as the media coverage is extremely limited.

The question should be approached with diplomacy finer

Obama’s Modus Operandi differs from Bush’s. Obama has managed to neutralize his enemies in a quiet way, from his comfortable seat, so that his tactics are based on the silence of individual eliminations, on the remote drones and any other action that could help make the minimum accounts.

The UN was devoted to announce to the world as "scandalous" that North Korea should spend that much money on weapons, yet the U.S. government beats records on it since it is alone responsible for the 34.8% of world traffic of weapons (the sum of the percentages of Russia, Germany, the United Kingdom, China and France).

The strength of North Korea does not lie in his arms. It is rather the front and violent speech that it draws its energy from and understanding this desperate attempt to communicate in its proper perspective without demonizing or pity, is essential to avoid unnecessary conflicts.

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