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Confirmed: Marijuana More Than 100 Times Safer Than Alcohol

According to a new study, the chances of dying from overdose of marijuana are much lower than alcohol and snuff.
Marijuana is 114 times safer to health than drinking alcohol, according to a new study published by the journal Scientific Reports'. Indeed, according to research, alcohol is a more dangerous drug, at least when it comes to the possibility of death from a lethal dose.

The methodology of this study is based on the comparison of a lethal dose with the amount a person consumes on average, and calculations show that it is much more difficult for an overdose consuming marijuana. By contrast, alcohol, heroin and cocaine are the most deadly drugs.

It found that the mortality risk to individuals posed by cannabis was approximately 114 times less than that of alcohol. In fact, cannabis was the only substance to be classified as ‘low risk’. In contrast, alcohol posed the highest risk to individuals and was ranked alongside nicotine, cocaine and heroin as ‘high risk’.

In terms of risk posed to a population, alcohol was the only substance classified as ‘high risk’. However, the researchers noted that this was partly due to its wide availability and a lack of data on other illicit drugs.

The report said that many European governments adopted restrictive policies towards cannabis and other illicit drugs due to the perception that they are more harmful than alcohol and tobacco. “Specifically, the results confirm that the risk of cannabis may have been overestimated in the past,” the report said. “In contrast, the risk of alcohol may have been commonly underestimated.”

The researchers stress that the "risk management should focus on alcohol and snuff" because despite being more dangerous, are legal and easily accessible.

However, the study has sparked much controversy among medical professionals as it is shown that marijuana causes structural changes in the brain and mental problems.

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