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Child labour worldwide

Today, nearly 215 million children work in the world, many of them full-time. These children do not attend school and do not have time to play. Many do not receive proper care and feeding. They are denied the opportunity to be children. More than half of these children are exposed to the worst forms of child labor as work in hazardous environments, slavery, and other forms of forced labor, illicit activities including drug trafficking and prostitution and involuntary participation in armed conflict . In sub-Saharan Africa, about 1 of 3 children work, representing a figure of 69 million children.

The 1997 Amsterdam Conference on combating the worst forms of child labor and the International Conference on Child Labour in Oslo 1997, noted the attention to the urgent need for concerted global action to end child labor, encouraging serious action to collect real data, statistics and perform empirical research that could help fight this kind of issue world-wide.

In the world, many children are involved in domestic work paid or unpaid in the home of a third party or employer. These children are particularly vulnerable to exploitation. Their work is often hidden from the public eye, as these children may find themselves isolated or working far from their families. Stories about child abuse involved in domestic work are common.

Steve McCurry, a photograph commited to his time

Steve McCurry is one of those photographers committed to their time. His famous photographs known by the expressiveness of the subject, always putting the individual at the head of an unsuspecting seizing mode, so you can "emerge in his face the essence of his soul and his experiences". Known worldwide as one of the best "image makers" today, and especially famous for his evocative color photographs. He has captured the essence of human struggle and joy. The photographer was present in numerous wars and always tries to reflect the injustices existing in the world today. It is undoubtedly a reference in the world of portrait disadvantaged world. McCurry became world famous as the author of the photograph The Afghan girl, appeared in National Geographic in 1985 and rediscovered and re-photographed in 2002.

In a recent collection of photographs from his travels in the last three decades McCurry blogged last May a set of 22 snapshots through which it intends to demonstrate the life and hard work to which they are subjected millions of children each year, titled "Stolen Children".

Although some of the photos show clearly an abuse of children working for third parties, in others however you can see that is a very common and standardized reality of children helping to bring household income in which they live (as is to take over the flock, assist in the office of the parents, etc). Unfortunately this actually prevents them access to education, which could help them have a more prosperous future

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