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Cell Phone Turned Off? 'Big Brother' can Still Hear You!

A new 'malware' have been discovered in our mobile devices that uses Android as operating system. This malware allows the phone to automatically make calls, send messages to strangers and take pictures even when you are sure you are sure your phone is turned off.

The malicious code has been discovered by security research firm AVG. The program makes the phone appear as if the unit was really turned off. The screen goes dark exactly as normal, although in reality the device continues to operate.

AVG, calls this malware 'PowerOffHijack', claims it can infect devices running on Android versions prior to 5.0. So far about 10,000 devices have been infected with malicious code, most of them in China, where they were distributed through local official Android store.

AVG recommends users remove the battery from the device to ensure that the device is turned off for real. For how long will our freedom be compromised? 

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