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An earthquake of 6.3 degrees shakes Melilla, Andalucia and Rif

An earthquake of 6.3 degrees recorded the morning of the 25/01 in the Alboran Sea has left at least 26 minor injuries in Melilla and has been felt in all provinces of Andalusia and rif, where there is evidence of injuries or damages, the earthquake was also felt in the Moroccan coast, more precisely in Nador.

The earthquake occurred at 05.22 (Spanish time) and had it epicenter at the South of Alboran sea. Until 11:00 hours there have been a dozen of aftershocks also centered in the Alboran Sea, some with more than four degrees, which have been clearly perceived intensity in both Morocco and Spain.

The quake has been felt most strongly in Melilla, which has caused damage to buildings and the suspension of classes in the autonomous city to assess the condition of schools.

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