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8 must have beauty products for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day falls on the 14th of February every year. And it is a day dedicated to all the gorgeous lovers out there. It is a day, where you get a wonderful opportunity to express your eternity of love. Here are 8 beauty must haves, you simply must not miss out on.

Nail paints

You have the all red vintage gown ready, to let down and go with the flow. And those wonderful pair of high heel shoes to match it up in style. Wouldn’t your appearance be incomplete, without a glamorous shade of nail paints or glitter polish?

You can go in for nail paints from some of the leading labels online. Check them out on the net.

Perfume Sprays

The theme for the upcoming Valentine’s Day is all floral. Think of peony or violet. You can also go with a fruity flavored deodorant. Plum and peach give you the subtle perfumes but emanating a complete fruity smell, you will simply fall in love with. An invigorating set of perfumes is definitely an integral part of your make-up kit, for the coming Valentine’s Day.

Lip gloss brought to you from L’Oreal Paris

Did you ever realize that you can use a lip gloss to color your lips with red? Go in for the all new range of lip gloss in deep plum or deep red. You can go in for L’Oreal Paris Infallible 6HR.  Else you can mix two lip shades, light red with olive oil gloss to create a stunning effect at the Valentine’s Day party.

Lip sticks

If you are going in for lip sticks, choose variants of red or maroon to match up your dress in style. You can go in for a lip crayon, just in case you find the lip stick sticky. The creamy texture and the hydrating formula lip crayons are endowed with, give you a fabulous finish, end of the day.


You want to give your cheeks a new glow? You can possibly go in for a liquid blush. You get a super liquid tint in rose. With the help of a liquid blush, your cheeks will look all flushed. When you are at the Valentine’s Day party, which is an intimate teet-a-teet with your soul mate, you cannot afford to miss out on any of these things.

A beautiful floral candle

You are going to attend a private bash organized by your boy-friend at a plush hotel. You know as a matter of fact, that it is going to be a candle lit dinner. Why don’t to take some scented organic candles, to the hotel to set the right kind of mood. You can let him light the candle and re-kindle newer flames into your relationship. A red candle which has the scent of roses or chamomile will do the needful.

Eye-liner and mascara

A gaze at those all powerful eyes will reveal a lot more than words. You can go in for a liquid liner with subtle strokes to make you gorgeous looking on the D-day.

You can go in for glitter mascara using false lashes, to give a voluminous tint to your existing lashes.


You can choose pink, red, suede, gray and maroon among other shades when you want to decorate your eyes, and leave them standing out.

These must haves on beauty add to your bountiful kit, when it comes to getting decked up for the much awaited Valentine’s Day.

Sonam is a content writer and writes for various niches. She owns a beauty blog and loves to share tips and tricks on skin care, hair care and makeup tricks for the women who love to pamper themselves. Her blog www.beautytipsandideas.com is a perfect guide for all beauty solutions. 

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