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3 things to know - Sacrificing


What are labyrinths and mazes? In history, but also nowadays they can be found in various parts of the world. As reported by Brewer, Clark and Horton mazes „are the first images that do not show events such as the hunt or battle, but express the idea." Probably because of that we are by them so fascinated. In the mysterious labyrinth should dwell a Minotaur, a monster with bull head and human body. Minotaur was the son of Pasifae, wife of King Minos, who fell in love with the bull. To be a monster hidden from the people, King Minos imprisoned him in the labyrinth, which had construct Daedalus. As stated Vojtech Zamarovský until was the monster killed by the hero Theseus „every 9 years must Athenian king Aegeus sent to Crete young men and girls from Athens, as a punishment for having killed at the Athens Games Minos´ sonAndrogeus."

Although our little stop can looks like a myth, many people know that every myth, legend or story is based on a real basis. Even we currently know three places, which could be home of Minotaur. Specifically, in Knossos, where lived King Minos, another possibility is a complex of underground tunnels at Gortyn and the last one is cave complex Skotino. It is possible that once will be on one of these three places find remains of mythical Minotaur and his victims?


Marriage means for us the relationship with our loved one to the end of life. Unfortunately, sometimes happens that our loved one leave earlier as we want. In some countries, was in the royal families customary that when the husband died, the widow remained closed in the palace. Although is the idea of uch a prison dreadful, worse practice can be found in India and particularly in Sri Lanka, formerly known as Ceylon. It was on this island where was the custom that the dead men were burned on funeral pyre, but also widows were burned with their men. By law was this appalling tradition banned in 1829, but was also in the later years realized despite the law.

One of the testimonies brought to the western world explorer Marco Polo. As stated Muriel Romana, author who described the journey of a traveler, woman who was thus burned with her late husband „raised her hands above her head (...) and threw herself into the flames. Men subsequently threw on her thick logs, so she can not escape in the last hint of life. Huge flames blaze up to the sky. (...)  Marco saw how the body caught up in the throes."

Throwing virgins into the volcanoes

Gods meant for people in past, who did not have the knowledge that we have today, almost everything. Rather said, they can control everything and decide about the life and death of people. People built temples, perform rites for them and bring them victims. Many times people put on the altar fruits, cereals and various donations of country, but as a sacrifice were also humans. Selected individual was often drugged and in the name of Gods killed. One of these ceremonies was also throwing virgins into the volcanoes. But if you think that it is a tradition of the old past, you are wrong.

As reported by Ing. Jaroslav Mareš in his book The Dragon Temple, mysterious stories of Southeast Asia was „ritual of throwing human sacrifices to the volcano Tangkuban Prague in West Java, Indonesia still surviving even in the 20's of the 20th century. The people chose the most beautiful maiden, dressed her in beautiful dress, and brought to the edge of the crater and threw her into the (...) lava as conciliation victim for the demon of volcano." 


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