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13 most effective ways get the perfect body

Some top tips to help you get the perfect body that everybody dreams about and that will help you keep the results of all your hard work while you are away! Many people gain weight over the holiday season and colder months because you can easily just bundle up and not have to show off any skin. However, if you want to feel confident about yourself and look great in your bikini at the pool or beach this summer you have to start putting in the work now.Getting a perfect bikini body takes lots of work and planning but if you stick with it you can avoid the last minute rush to shed some fat before you go on vacation.

1 - The 4 minute workout

You can get a workout in with only 4 minutes, perfect before a dip in the pool! Called Tabatas – 20 s sprint along the beach, 10 s walk / recover. Repeat 8 times for a total of 4 minutes then dive in the wonderful cool water!  You will tone your legs, feel great, and boost fat burning for the rest of the day.  (As the best time to eat carbs is after a workout a great way to reduce the effect of the post-swim ice-cream too!)

2 - Fat is not the enemy!

Load up on protein at the all you can eat buffets – don’t skimp on the fat though!  People think everythign needs to be low fat, but eating good fats keeps you full and happy! Yes, good fats improve your hormone levels, and satisfy you, but unlike carbs will not bloat you out. Ditching the carbs but avoiding the fat too is a recipe for irritability, hunger, cravings, and a lowered metabolism.

3 - Coconutty

One of the best fats?  Coconut oil!  If you’re holidaying somewhere tropical get your hands on coconuts – the water inside is brilliant for rehydration (a great inclusion in any cocktail and definitely for the morning after too many cocktails!) and you can scoop out the flesh afterwards – just ask them to open it up for you, they are usually delighted as tourists waste the good stuff!

4 - Holidays are good for you!

Exercise outside!  The vitamin D helps you burn fat, improves your bone healthy and more!  It feels better too, improving mood and wellbeing as well as your body. You want to expose your skin for a short time every day before the sunscreen in order to get vitamin D – sunscreen blocks it.  If you are concerned then take a supplment – gel caps are the best and ideally take with food. Find a local outdoor fitness bootcamp to get you in serious shape for your upcoming holiday – and be prepared to amaze yourself with how great you feel training outside – many start in the summer and realise they love it even more in the cold, dark wintery days when you otherwise don’t get outside much at all!

5 - Seafood - eat it!

Eat loads of fish on holiday – the Omega 3s help you burn fat, help your brain function better and improve skin, hair and nails!  Oily fish such as sardines and salmon are usually plentiful when on holiday so make the most of them!  On honeymoon we had smoked marlin at breakfast – a great thing to load up on before hitting the beach. At home, why stick with the same old BBQ burgers and chicken?  Oily fish like mackerel (also super cheap) are amazing on a BBQ, as is salmon. Impress your guests and sneakily get them being even healthier!

6 - Grillin... in the name of...

On the BBQ side of things, making it interesting and healthy are the same thing!  Make loads of fab salads, add beetroot, avocado, peppers, fresh basil etc to make the salads the centre piece. Home-made houmous by whizzing up chickpeas and 0% Total Greek Yoghurt (an all year round lean-body treat for all sorts of things) and veg dippers – a whole lot more interesting than the usual fare. Making sure your guests have loads of salad and sides means they won’t eat 10 peices of meat each either.

7 - Take me to the greek

Total 0% Greek Yoghurt is a perfect cream alternative – if you’re holidaying in Greece you can get it anywhere (if not the 0% the full fat is great too, but you need to be a bit more mindful of quantity…). Add fresh berries and a few chopped nuts for a breakfast / snack / dessert that will feel indulgent but keep you on track for looking great in that bikini on the beach!

8 - Bring on the bubbly

Soda Water – many people seem confused about soda water, its just fizzy water from the gun in a bar.  The perfect thing to drink instead of so much alcohol – spritzer your wine with it, add to vodka instead of sugary mixers (with a squeeze of lime) and drink a tall glass inbetween other drinks. If you really don’t like plain water the fizz jazzes things up, if its still to plain a squeeze of lemon / lime, maybe a small lime cordial (don’t make it too strong as that just adds sugar).

9 - Sickly sweet?

Sugar depresses your immune system and is aging!  To look great, and stay looking great, and also to be healthy and avoid the sniffles, ditch as much sugar as you can!  Holidays might seem a great time to indulge but focus on the protein / veg / salad / nuts first and keep the treats moderate to avoid feeling sluggish on your holidays – the last time you want to feel bad, so eat to feel great!

10 - The sea, the sea!

Water walking is great exercises!  Get to thigh-deep water and stride out (watch out for spineys and other seabed spikiness!), try sprinting and walking slowly in the water – tones the legs, gets the heart pumping and potentially exfoliates and improves cellulite at the same time, due to the sea water.

11 - Connect with the earth / sand

Walk (or jog) barefoot on the sand as much as you can!  This is great for foot and lower limb health, keeping those over-shoed feet healthy by allowing them space and challenge. This also works your legs out harder and therefore tones your legs more. Your glute (butt) muscles work harder too, so you get a better, perkier butt and a properly working butt reduces back pain (honestly!). Find a cute guy to walk along with you (perhaps some cooling off in the sea too) for a win-win!  Oh, and connecting your feet to the ground has other benefits, as does being by the sea. You can actually buy things to ‘earth’ you which improves a multitude of health markers – this is essentially simulating the goodness of just walking barefoot – a much cheaper alternative!  not near a beach – walk barefoot in your garden as much as you can in the milder months for maximum benefit.  Negative ions abound in nature and especially by the sea – these make you feel better (one of the reasons the beach is so alluring) and healthier too!

12 - Egg on your face?

Before eating scrambled egg at the hotel buffet, find out if it is actually egg or if its made from powdered – the off white wierd looking stuff is usually made from powdered egg – not worth eating!  Ask for a omelette, or poached or even fried if this is the case! Eggs are a great holiday breakfast, and most hotels will boil you them to order, or offer a range of omelettes, so do ask before hitting the bread basket!  A protein based breakfast really will keep you lean and reduce the holiday bloat factor – why ruin all your hard work before the holiday at this stage!?

13 - Mean Aminos

Tyrosine is an amino acid that helps give you a tan!  It is often in tan supplements, but you could just as well take some alone without all the dodgy rest of it.  It also gives you a pre-workout boost, so take it 30 mins before exercising.  Another win-win? 

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