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10 Unsolved Mysteries Of The Brain

Do you have any idea what exactly goes on in our little gray cells? No, us neither. We countdown the ten most mysterious puzzles of the mind. 

Indeed we know very little do we know about our Brain. Often known as the most complicated machine in the universe. Too complex that nobody until today have ever been able to explain it. 

The subject of consciousness still baffles scientists to this day. I’m aware that I exist within my body or am I my body itself? What is the brain functionalities? Is it our conscious? or a tool that gives our soul the ability to interact in this world? Is our brain a mirror that make us see and interact in this dimension? Indeed a computer is useless unless someone else is sitting at the end, looking at a monitor to analyse the information processed by the computer. In that case, who is sitting at the end of my brain, analysing the information? How can it do so “itself”?

Another curious way to phrase this paradox, imagine a perfect clone was constructed of yourself. Perfect in every way, every atom. The same composition, position and energy state. Identical in matter and energy. Now, are you consciously aware of both bodies? If so… how would that work? You’d see through 4 eyes instead of 2? In different places? You’d be aware of all senses of both bodies?  If the answer is no, that would make even less sense. You’re completely 100% identical. You’d have to be conscious in both bodies, unless there is a component to consciousness we’re missing.

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